The Elf Boy

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As Jared walked through his street, he could hear the laughter of some boys who he knew attended the same school as him, he never spoke to them at school but, he knew every one of them by face and could even say their names.

For Jared, their laughter wasn't anything new, he was used to the whispers from the parents of the town and the laughter from the children because to them, he was different.

Looking at him, you would understand why he got the attention of most, Jared was a red-headed boy, with one brown eye, and a blue one, he also had the sharpest ears which made him look like an elf, all these contributed to what made him stand out.

“Elf boy”, He heard someone call him.

“Grant us a magic wish, Elfie”, Another said.

Jared continued walking because he was used to the teasing and he knew that answering them would only bring more problems but, as he kept walking, he felt someone drag his shirt.

“We are talking to you Elf boy”, He heard.

The moment that was said, all the boys began beating him and while they did, they screamed at him to leave their town because they didn't want him there, the beating continued for a while, and after, a few minutes, they spat on him and left.

Jared got himself up and continue walking home, while he walked, he tried cleaning his black colored shirt and shorts, his reason for doing this was so his mother didn't find out what happened because she would be worried.

After walking a distance he got to his front porch and forced the biggest smile he could while opening his door, getting inside his house, he was met by his mother's melodious singing and that immediately lifted his spirit.

His mother noticed his presence, rushed to him, and immediately started asking him about his day while she served him some coconut curry soup which was his favorite, and he ate while telling her about what happened with an exemption of what happened on his way home.

They spent hours talking, and his mother noticing the dirt and scratches on his shirt made sure to tell him how much she loved him and how special he was to her, she told him he was meant for greatness and that no one should ever make him feel less.

She also reminded him of how she had gotten him as a gift from the elves because she had helped them while praying for a child, and that even though people in the town treated him differently, he couldn't let them get to him.

After they finished having their conversation and he had finished eating, he went to his room, high in spirit and in hopes that things would get better, he knew he was different but, he had his mother’s love and that was enough to face the cruel world.




@khaleesii All mothers in the whole world are like this, they have nothing to do with the appearance of their child. There is only one loving mother in her, and the child also forgets all the sorrow and pain by coming in the company of his mother. a very beautiful creation.

This is so true and this can also be said for the mother in this story.

Greetings, @khaleesii! Thank you for this story about the bulling that different children suffer. Jared's mother knows to wait for the special gifts children receive to mature and show their purpose in life. Thanks for keeping the comments coming on the other stories.

Thank you for reading

It's wonderful that his mother was able to make him feel better, and not act sad, worried, or angry :) ...

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Thank you so much for reading.

The love of a mother is one of the greatest things in the world and Jared is lucky to have it in abundance.

He indeed is