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Josh was finally going do it, he was finally going to propose to the love of his life Naomi when they both go on vacation in hawaii this Christmas.


They had been planning this vacation since the beginning of the year, they both had very time consuming professional jobs Naomi was a fashion designer and Josh was an ICT manager so they barely had time for each other but they had been planning the vacation so as to relieve the stress of their jobs and Josh wanted to use the opportunity to propose to Naomi.

They met ten years ago when they were still in college, it was a classic tale of love at first sight for both of them and since then the love between them blosomed.

The day of the vacation finally came, they packed their stuff and got into the plane that took them straight to hawaii to enjoy themselves.

They got to their destination safely then they checked into a hotel room and unpacked thier suitcases and when they were done arranging everything it was already night so they took their showers and then slept off.

The next day they woke up excited because the day had the potential of being amazing but before they got ready to go out Josh held Naomi by the waist and looked directly into her eyes saying


I love you so much Naomi, you have shown me what true love and happiness means and i promise to cherish you till the end of our days. Josh said romantically

I love you too Josh, thank you for being there for me despite our time consuming jobs and i also promise to love and cherish you till the end of our days. Naomi replied smiling

They kissed and on that beautiful morning they made love and held each other tightly as if they would never let go.

They stayed in bed till a little after noon then they got up and showered then hand in hand they went out to have fun, they first visited the restaurant to have thier breakfast then they went to the beach where they stayed and participated in every fun activity taking place there till night time.

They went back to the restaurant to have a heavy dinner having missed lunch and after the dinner they went back to their room showered and slept off.

The next day Josh woke up nervous because that was the day he was planning to ask Naomi to marry him so naturally he would be nervous but he calmed himself because he knew that she was going to say yes.

When Naomi finally woke up Josh served her breakfast in bed which she appreciated with a kiss and after eating they showered and went out to have another fun day and this time they went to an art exhibitions show where they stayed till lunch time.

When they were having thier lunch in the restaurant Naomi starting behaving uneasily as if she saw a ghost, Josh noticed this and asked her if she was alright and she said yes that she had to use the restroom.

She got up and went to the restroom and at first everything seemed normal but when she did not return after an hour Josh started getting very worried so he went to the ladies restroom to check up on her, he could not go in so he asked a lady that was coming out if anybody was still inside and shockingly she said no.

Josh started panicking but he maintained his cool and then went back to their room to check if she came back, when he got there the door was still locked but he opened it with a spare key and when he opened the door he saw a man on top of Naomi.


What…......... Naomi........ how? why, when? why?........ were the words that could come out of Josh's mouth

Josh I'm sorry, please forgive me please Naomi pleaded whilst covering herself

Naomi what's going on here and who is this man?. The man asked looking shocked

Speak up now you she devil Josh screamed

Naomi then said that the man was her real boyfriend and he was just a side man and that they were high school sweethearts, she was just using Josh to pass time because the man whose name was William was a soldier who had been serving in Afghanistan for many years and unknown to Naomi he came back yesterday and traced her to hawaii that was why she behaved that way in the restaurant because William was in the same restaurant with them so she had to make up an excuse and sneakingly she went to William with the intention of just talking to him and catching up for a little while but one thing lead to another and before she realized herself they were both in her room.

Josh was devastated, the woman he thought that he was going to spend the rest of his life with was here in thier hotel room making love to another man who apparently was the real boyfriend and he was just a side piece, he did not say anything and all he did was pack his stuff and disappeared.


What a tragic story. Readers are as surprised by Naomi's dreadful behavior as Josh is. He is lucky he discovered her disloyalty before he married her.

Thank you for sharing this story with the Ink Well community. We appreciate very much that you support other authors by engaging with them.

What the heck?! Awful! How could she do that?! Oh man... I feel so sorry for Josh. Wow.

She is a terrible human being

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Chai! 😢 I really felt for Josh, at this moment he needs to remains still and cheer up his mind, By Noami didn't tried at all, how could she put two men in unnecessary pressure, I guess Josh must be crying by now, because he must be heart broken

That was definitely a life-altering holiday. Fortunately Josh found out about Naomi's infidelity before getting married.

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