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She knew something was wrong the moment she stepped into the bar. The loud music blasted out of the speakers as the DJ manipulated his instruments blending well with the young bodies twisting on the dance floor.
Her doe eyes scanned the whole length of the bar but nothing seemed to be amiss, yet her gut feeling kept screaming inside her;

'run! run you idiot,' Shaking her head to get rid of those thoughts, she walked towards a waiter

"Hi, I'm looking for Mr Celestine," she said

"Oh, what's your name ma'am," the waiter asked politely, her eyes taking in her features.

"I'm Skyler and he's expecting me," Skyler said, maintaining a smile on her face that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Ok, follow me," the waiter beckoned, walking along the staircase leading to the VIP room.

As she moved, the feeling of unease grew stronger making her stumble on the staircase.

"Watch your steps please," the waiter said politely.

She 'hummed' a response and continued following her, thinking of how to get the collaboration for her company. The thought of a promotion and raise made her excited, quickly dissipating the feeling of unease she had felt earlier on. As they moved along the corridors in the VIP area, the music seemed to get lower and lower till they stopped in front of a door.

"Mr Celestine is inside, just knock and go in," the waiter said and turned to leave.

"Thank you," she told her, shifting her gaze to the door.

Her heartbeat accelerated as she knew that her fate lay with the person behind the door. If the collaboration worked, she would be promoted and given a raise, but if not.......

She shuddered at the thought of the collaboration not working.

"It has to work," she muttered, mustering up the courage to knock and push the door open.

The room was dimly lit and faint music could be heard from inside, different from the loud one playing downstairs. It looked like a whole world on its own. Her eyes scanned the dimly lit room, making out the silhouettes of the people sitting on the sofa.

They were all big bosses. She stood at the door for a while, allowing the light to pour into the room from the corridor which attracted the gaze of the several bosses seated.

"Do you want to discuss at the door," someone said.

She hurriedly closed the door softly and made her way to where they were seated.

There were several bottles of expensive drinks on the table and just men. No women. Her eyes moved from face to face till they settled on that of Mr Celestine.

"Good day sir, I'm Skyler from Techbal," she said, stretching out her hands for a handshake.

"You may sit," Mr Celestine said.

The other people in the room gave various excuses and left, leaving only the two of them.

"I heard you had something to discuss....a new project launch," he said with a smile that made her hair stand.

"I have gone through the materials you sent to me and I'm quite impressed. I'll be willing to collaborate if you drink with me, as you can see, all my friends have left," he said, leaving no room for negotiation.

Skyler pursed her lips deep in thought. This meeting was far too easy and it made her uneasy.

"Ok, I will after using the convenience," she said and hurried to the bathroom.

She brought out her phone and dialed Sandra, her roommate's number. After a long ring, it was finally picked.

"Hello Skyler," she said

"Sandra, are you free now,"


"OK, I want you to come to Club XY and pick me up in ten minutes, I might get drunk soon.

If you don't see me, go to room 507 on the VIP area and look for me, I don't feel good," Skyler said

"Are you ok, you're getting me worried," Sandra queried

"Just do as I say," I said and hurriedly hung up.

She walked back to the room, still maintaining my professional smile, picked up a glass, and casually downed the liquid. Blackout. It has been two weeks since the bar incident and Skyler was glad she didn't sideline her intuition.

Although the drink was spiked and her manager had intended to send her to the bed of a big boss to secure the deal, she had escaped, thanks to Sandra. She was made the new marketing manager and all those involved in the crime were apprehended.

Life was good.


I'm glad it ended well for Skyler, at a point I thought something terrible must have happened when I saw "blackout"

Nothing happened to her... Her friend came to her rescue.

Yeah I grab

Thanks for stopping by.

It is so good that Skyler trusted her intuition, if not something terrible would have happened. Nice story.

You are very correct. And it is good that she acted upon it. Thank you.

A story with a lot of intrigue and very interesting to read. In the end everything was resolved and the guilty were punished.

Thanks for sharing.
Good day.

Everyone got what they deserved. Thank you. Good day.

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At the point when all Celestine's friends left the room, I was waiting to read about his motives and as expected he had something in mind. I am glad that Skyler wasn't hurt or violated and the culprits apprehended. Nice read.

It's a good thing she informed her friend on time. If not, she probably would have been hurt. All is good that ends well.

this story brings a lot to my imagination very well done

That's great. Thanks.

Quite a beautiful tale, I loved the the description, it was sweet to follow. The ending sounded brief like a summary though.

Good script still

Thanks. I should probably work on my endings. Thank you for the follow.

You're welcome

I was pleased with the ending of the story.
It was nice to see that Skyler was able to escape from the situation and that she was rewarded for her intuition.
Overall, I thought the story was well-written and engaging.
I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers.

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