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Carlos' note.

Ever since I was a little boy, I have had an affinity for elephants. I remember my parents used to let me watch elephant shows on TV for hours, I would stay quiet while watching it on TV, but when it was over I would throw a tantrum because I wanted to keep watching it. By the way my name is Carlos and this is my little note.

When I was a little boy, I was fascinated by many things, but what really made me fall in love was the first time I saw an elephant, I was 7 years old and that happened in a circus that had come to the city where I lived, my parents took me to one of the functions of that circus, there I could see how intelligent these animals are and I was captivated by the elephant. At the age of 10 I could see how mankind used elephants for different activities such as transportation, they used them to move things like rocks, they used them to entertain, among other activities, I began to feel a sense of compassion and love for elephants.

Since I was very young I started to prepare myself, for several years and while I was in elementary school and then when I was in high school I already knew what I wanted to study when I got to college, at that age I felt confident with the knowledge I already had and many of my friends were surprised at the amount of knowledge I had about elephants, when I got to college I chose the right career for what I had in mind, I proposed to be a biologist to be closer to some animals.

Since I started college I decided to save some money to go to Africa after I graduated to do a study on elephants, it was difficult to save money because I come from a poor family, I had many difficulties during my years of study, I only had class in the morning and all the afternoons I had free, So I got a part time job to help my parents a little and save a little more, during the evenings in the community where I live I was selling cookies and tits, so little by little I was collecting for several years and I could not spend on anything else.

It is very difficult to be poor and get ahead when you have almost everything against you, but nothing is impossible for the person who has his feet firmly on the ground and his goals are clear, in my case I always knew what I wanted to achieve and worked hard to achieve the goal that I had set for myself since I was very young, I always thought that if a person wants something has to tattoo it in the mind, that everything you do has to be for that goal and not to decline by the possible difficulties that will appear in life, there was a time that I was about to throw in the towel, but I did not let me overcome.

Years after graduating, I managed to raise some money and I went to Africa, to do a postgraduate course there, during the postgraduate course I met my wife, my beloved Vanessa, her cinnamon skin, her honey colored eyes, straight black hair with the smell of lilies. She is the most charming, intelligent woman I have ever met, at first it was difficult to get close to her, since she is a woman of few words, but we had many things in common that she and I did not know, but we discovered as we spent more time together, one of the things we had in common was our passion for elephants and as we spent time together we fell in love, I think I fell in love first, the truth is that I started to fill her with small details and then with bigger details and when I realized she had already become my girlfriend, the first gift I received from her was a watch with elephant figures carved in gold and my first gift for her was a gold ring with images of elephants carved.

Note: Note: The drawings presented in this story are of my own authorship and was elaborated with Adobe Photoshop. I thank @theinkwell, for this fiction contest and I thank all the people who take part of their time to read my stories. Thank you all.



Carlos love for elephant made him explore the world and while exploring, he met the woman of his dreams.

He was resilient with his dreams despite coming from a poor home and he was a happy man in the end.

Your affinity to elephants is well noted. Thanks for sharing.

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I love people who love animals, my favorites are cats even though I don't own one.
Nice storyline

"t is very difficult to be poor and get ahead when you have almost everything against you, but nothing is impossible for the person who has his feet firmly on the ground and his goals are clear"

This is very true, to be poor is very hard be when you strive things can change for better. I enjoyed reading your post.

You have a difficult path to elephants, if your son throws a tantrum, for the same reason, buy him a plush elephant :)