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From appearance to humility

Many years ago, in a small community called Parajo, there was a man named "Antonio" who lived by appearance, wore brand name clothes, shoes and perfume.

Since he was a child, Antonio dreamed of being wealthy and wearing the best clothes that money could buy, he preferred to have expensive clothes rather than toys, his parents sacrificed many things growing up in order to cover the tastes of their only son.

He studied high school in a private high school, because he told him that if he was enrolled in a public high school he would not study, his parents wanted him to improve himself and made another sacrifice.

On many occasions they did not even eat well, because much of the money they earned was spent on Antonio's tuition, clothes, shoes and brand-name perfumes.

During many nights, Antonio's parents cried, because they could not stand what they were living and could not understand why he was like that, if they are humble people, they had things to repair in their house, such as the roof that when it rained the water leaked and everything got wet inside.

When Antonio graduated from high school, he told his parents to enroll him in one of the best universities in the country to study architecture, and his parents obliged.

One day Antonio put on the best clothes he had, to go out to the mall with some classmates, when he left home, he started to walk and when he was crossing the road, a drunk driver hit him and fled leaving Antonio to God's blessing, Thanks to the fact that there were several people who witnessed Antonio's accident.

They called an ambulance when they arrived, he was still alive, but with a low pulse, they took him to the emergency room to remove a piece of glass that was stuck in the lower part of his spine, this piece of glass belonged to the breeze stop of the car that hit him.

Five minutes after being admitted to the central hospital, a neighbor of the parents who was present when the accident happened went to report what had happened to Antonio, and when Antonio's parents found out, they rushed to the hospital to see what had happened to their son.

Once the parents are in the hospital, a nurse takes them to the room where Antonio was placed after the operation.

Several days have passed, Antonio still does not wake up. The parents began to talk to the doctor who came into the room to examine Antonio, the doctor told the parents that it was possible that he would not be able to see and walk anymore, Antonio's mother burst into tears at the news.

His parents try to calm him down but without success. The doctor enters the room at that moment and when he sees that Antonio cannot calm down, he gives him a sedative to calm him down, after examining him, he leaves the room, The parents talk to Antonio. He is sorry for what happened to him, asks his parents for forgiveness and then begins to pray to God asking for a miracle from God, that if he could see and walk again he would no longer be a spoiled brat and would be the most humble a person could become.

On the last day in the hospital the doctor performed some tests on his legs and could see that Antonio could regain the mobility of his legs if he received physiotherapy, the next day the doctor discharged him, after 2 months he was able to walk and one night when he was asleep, He began to move in bed until he fell to the floor hitting his head and when he opened his eyes he had managed to see, he got up and left his room running to his parents' room to give him the news, when his parents woke up because of Antonio's screams they could see that their son had recovered his sight.

Note: The drawings presented here are of my own authorship and in this occasion were elaborated with Photoshop.



You have the essential elements of a solid story. The arc is strong: beginning, conflict and resolution. Character portrayal is clear. Motivation is also clear. The crisis that brings about awareness is a good literary tool.

Thank you for sharing this story with us, @pjpavan. Thank you for engaging with other writers in the community!

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Wow... Such a great story @pjpavan . I'm glad Antonio recovered his sight🙂

I really liked the story and with a great teaching, I like it when the writings leave deep teachings. Congratulations!

@rinconpoetico7, Thank you for your comment and thank you very much for your words, I try to make sure that all my stories leave a teaching.