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Since I was very young, I have had difficulty in picking up certain signals, I always thought they were unimportant things for me, but I have always come out ahead because inside I feel a fire that motivates me to move forward despite any difficulty that may arise. My name is Pablo and I am 80 years old.

A long time ago, when I was a freshman in high school, I decided to practice some sport and I went to the sports center to sign up for soccer, obviously I wasn't the best but I was motivated to learn and become one of the best.

Little by little I was practicing more, without realizing it I began to improve, in a period of 1 year I was already among the fastest players on the team and I was one of the best, I was placed to play, I was taken off the bench to be one of the players who play first.

The day I made my debut in a game, I gave my best and I came out on top by being the player with the most goals scored, that day we won the game and I received congratulations from all my teammates and my coach, my family was waiting for me outside the lobby to go celebrate.

Hours later we returned home, the next day when I arrived at the high school and everyone in my classroom knew, they began to congratulate me, I was surprised, because I did not expect them to know, and I immediately imagined that it was my best friend since he was at the game, he went with me and my family to celebrate.

As time went by I was improving even more, I was called by the national under 16 team to be part of the team that would represent my country in a world soccer, the soccer league of my country took me to get my passport and I got a scholarship, a few days later I was interviewed on the state television channel one of the questions was

The interviewer: ¿What motivates me to be an excellent soccer player?

I answered: The truth is that when I decided to coach soccer, it was because I felt a fire inside that was lit the day my father invited me to go to a soccer game and I could see that he was passionate about it, it made him happy, from that day on I said I always wanted to see my father happy and smiling.

The interviewer: ¿And what was the happiest day of your life?

Me: For me, the happiest day I've ever had was that day I was at that first game I went with him to see.

The interviewer: ¿Do you plan to dedicate your whole life to soccer?

Me: The truth is that I had not thought about that yet, since I am enjoying the moment and of course I will continue studying so that when I decide to retire I will have a profession.

The interviewer: ¿What was the saddest day you have ever had?

Me: Well, it was the day my mother passed away, I was 10 years old and because of that my father had fallen into alcohol, but thanks to God and an aunt my father was able to get over it and get out of that vice, my father has always been my super hero and thanks to him I am good at soccer, because he gave me some advice that worked for me and helped me to move forward.

The interviewer: ¡Well, that was all, my dear friend Pablo and thank you for being here with us!

Me: Thank you for inviting me to this beautiful program.

After that day I was interviewed my whole life changed abruptly, the truth is that I did not think I would change so much, a sports magazine hired me for a photo section for its special edition of the year, I was appearing in commercials of some food products, and my family and I did not go back to any kind of need and shortages.

The day I had that interview my father and an older sister I have, hugged me and cried telling me that they were proud of me and who I had become and that my mother would be too, you know I could not contain myself in front of those words of love they were saying to me.

Since I was 16 years old playing soccer until I was 40 years old, I also appeared as one of the main characters in a television series called "My life and my passion of fire" which was broadcasted by a state channel and lasted 1 year in transmission. I graduated from college with a degree in business administration.

Well that was all my story, I hope you liked it my dear friend Miguel and all those who listened to it on your radio program, honoring the soccer legends of our country, for me it is an honor, I regret that my other companions were not alive, I am 80 years old, I still remember and miss those days, I am happy because I got married 50 years ago and I have wonderful children, grandchildren and I never tire of telling you how proud I am of them and my wife Jessica that I still love her as the first time. Goodbye

Note: The drawings presented here are of my own authorship and in this occasion were elaborated with Photoshop.



@pjpavan Pablo's dedication to the soccer game provided him with a new direction and he became a successful man. His feelings for his own parents also indicate that he was a good person. Even after becoming an important person, a person should keep his friends, and family members close to his heart.

@fantom22, Thanks for your comment, yes Pablo never thought he would make it this far and become a man of success.

Pablo was a great star, not only on the football field, but in real life. Thank you for sharing your story with us on The Ink Well.

We appreciate writers who support the community by commenting on other authors’ works.

@theinkwell, Thank you for your comment, Pablo always tried to keep his humility everywhere. I thank you for commenting and voting for my fiction story, thanks to all the ink well team, God bless you all.

Hi @pjpavan. Your story appears to be fiction. You are not 80 years old, right?? 😄

But you didn't use the #fiction or #creativenonfiction tags. And the story style is written like a personal creative nonfiction story, which does not have a plot or a "story arc." So it's a bit confusing!

You'll want to distinguish your stories with one of those tags. And when writing fiction, it's important to have a conflict of some kind, which is resolved by the end of the story. That forms the "story arc" which is a key element of fiction. You can read about the importance of conflict and story arcs in the "Writing Basics" section of our catalog of fiction writing tips.

Also, you'll want to correct the spelling of football, as you have written it several times with the spelling "futboll." (Evidently that is the correct spelling in Albania, though.)

I hope you don't mind some helpful feedback!

@jayna, I have just corrected the word and placed the tags, thank you for your corrections.

@jayna, I am not 80 years old, I am just 39 years old. if it is fiction, I correct the words and the truth is that I like to be corrected so I can improve, I thank you for your advice that is very helpful for me, if you see that I have mistakes please tell me so I can correct it. Thank you for reading my story and for the next one I will add a narrative arc, I didn't realize that I missed that.

Pablo is a role model. I am glad he followed the fire in him and took his football career very seriously. And he made his family proud too. I enjoyed reading this.

@loveah, Thank you for your comment and thank you for enjoying my story, yes indeed Pablo is an example to follow, thanks again