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The meeting


Nine years ago, I had made a trip to the capital of the country where I live (Venezuela), I had made the trip to Caracas because a friend asked me to go and I agreed to go.

The day I went to the capital, I arrived at the subway station to go to where she lives, she was waiting for me at the station where I was supposed to arrive, when I arrived my friend received me with hugs and joy, telling me that she could not believe that I had gone to Caracas to visit her, after that we went to her house, so I could leave my bag.

5 minutes later we arrived at her house, I had to sleep in her room but in another bed that she had, while I made myself comfortable, she went to the kitchen to prepare me something to eat, 10 minutes later I sat down to eat with her and after that we went out to have fun downtown, I remember we had too much fun, the next day we got up early we had breakfast and locked ourselves in the room to talk for hours, when we realized it was already late and I told her to go out to eat, she accepted without thinking about it.

I remember that I stayed about 15 days. The day I had to go back to the city where I live to go back to work, she didn't want me to return and I didn't want to either, but due to the commitment I had with my job I had to return, leaving her sad, the truth is that I felt bad for leaving her like that, but I promised her that I would return to see her, which I did several months later.


My fourth meeting with my friend Mariana, I had already gone to visit her several times, but this time everything was different from the previous times, I remember that when the day came to go to the capital to see my friend, there were some strange things that happened to me, at that time I did not pay much attention, but now that I think about it, it seems to me that they were signs that at that time I did not pay attention.

When I arrived in Caracas, she was waiting for me at the terminal, we went together to her house since that was where I would stay for the 20 days, I noticed something that seemed a little strange in her, she was looking at me with eyes of love, well that was the impression I had at that moment.

20 minutes later we arrived at her house, and it took us a while because the terminal is practically outside the city and where she lives is on the other side of the city, besides waiting for a bus just to drop us off at the subway station, because if we go to her house by bus it would take too long and the subway is super faster, after we arrived at the subway station we were lucky that one was just arriving, we got on and already sitting my friend Mariana takes my hands and lays her head on my shoulders smiling at me, I was really surprised by her attitudes, but it didn't bother me at all, since she is a very beautiful woman sentimentally and physically as well, when we arrived at her house, we locked ourselves in her room to talk about how we were doing during the time we didn't see each other.

After 1 hour talking, she takes the pillow and hits me with it telling me that pillow war, take one and we started to play, after 5 minutes of games, she falls lying on the bed and I fall lying on top of her because she took me by the shirt and we fell, and being in that position our eyes crossed and our faces so close, I do not explain why it happened but we kissed intensely, for 7 minutes.


About 3 years ago, I went to Mariana's birthday as usual, I went to her house, the truth is that her family loves me very much and they have shown me that on different occasions. I brought her a beautiful golden bracelet as a gift. Only her sister knows that I would arrive, since I did not want to warn her to surprise her.

The day I arrived, she was not at home, I left the clothes in the room, her mother told me to sit at the table to eat, but I told her that if I could bathe first, then sit down to eat with more pleasure, I go to the room and then enter the bathroom to bathe, after 20 minutes I came out bathed and dressed to sit down to lunch.

I told Mariana's mother and sister that I would wait for her in the room and that they should not say anything about my arrival, when I had already been waiting for her for about an hour, Mariana arrived, I did not look out to see her, because when she arrived she said: Mom, I'm here, I'm going to the room to change. When I hear him I run to hide in the closet, once there I hear how he opens the bedroom door and throws the bag on the bed, when he opens the closet door I suddenly go out and all that is heard in the whole house is a scream. Aaaaahhhhh! And when she realizes that it's me she jumps on me saying "fool, you scared me" and hugs me, after the hug she tells me why I didn't tell her I was coming and I told her I wanted it to be a surprise, I congratulate her on her birthday I give her her present and tell her to get settled, make yourself beautiful I want to go out and celebrate your birthday.

30 minutes later, she comes out of the room and the truth is that she told me perplexed of how beautiful she became, I remember that we went out first to eat ice cream, we walked through one of the parks in the city and ended up in a small restaurant to eat and drink alcohol, that was one of the best days we both spent together.

The part that is fiction starts from: My fourth encounter with my friend Mariana. And it ends where it says: I can't explain why it happened but we kissed intensely for 7 minutes. The other stories are true, Mariana is a great friend of mine, who is currently out of the country, she and I have never had anything, we are just great friends, nothing more.

Thanks to the ink well community for this beautiful initiative and thanks to all who take the time to read my nonfiction and fiction stories, I appreciate the support.



Me encantaron tus tres anécdotas. No pude saber cuál era la verdadera hasta que llegue al final, aunque sospeche lo del beso. Jejeje.
La amistad cuando es verdadera, se vuelve como una hermandad con los años. Gracias por compartir tus historias de no ficción.
Buena noche para ti.

You 'lie' well in this piece, @pjpavan. It is quite believable that your relationship with Mariana would become physical. The way you describe the scene is also credible. Not everyone can maintain such a strong relationship and keep it purely on a friendship footing. We have the feeling that Mariana is special and that you have the ability to be a really good friend.

Thank you for sharing this lie/truth piece with us. We appreciate that yo engage with other authors in the community.

loved your story. I thought you and Mariana were in love. But you clarified that she was just your friend and she is currently overseas. Have a happy night

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