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The teaching of a few sentences


Since I was a child, I was taught to help other people, to feel kindness for others, and I believed in it. There is a phrase that I was taught since I was a child, and it says, "We cannot pass through the world without leaving a footprint". For a long time I did not understand what they wanted to tell me with that phrase, however, after several years I think I learned what it referred to and this is what I believed at that time, it refers to the fact that we should always leave a teaching or help a person.

For many years, I could not understand, and I was drifting like a ship, without any direction. So I grew up, but life would take care that I understood what my grandparents told me, but nevertheless it was at the age of 24 that I could learn it and since then I have the habit of helping other people without expecting to receive anything and I also try to leave a small teaching.

Certainly, there are people who are much more grateful than others, when you give them help or leave them a teaching, in my case in particular I have had many people like that, but I have also had people who do not thank you at all and even stop talking to you as if you were charging them for the help or what you taught them, but I leave people like that in God's hands, when we perform good deeds, God rewards you and as a great scientist Isaac Newton said: Newton's Third Law states that with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is tremendous, but it is totally true.

I have always thought that being grateful is a virtue and for many it is difficult to learn, another phrase that marked me was one that my father told me on many occasions, and it goes like this: "It is never too late, to learn." Whenever my father had the opportunity to tell me that, I took advantage of it.

You know thanks to my father for telling me the phrase every time he could, on many occasions over and over again we talked and so much was that it marked me in life, I have now learned to do everything, it was a phrase that awakened in me an instinct of curiosity to learn new things and wow that has helped me a lot in all possible aspects for that reason I always try to learn something new daily.

I am always looking to learn new things, whether I read a book or search for videos on the internet, there is something I always tell some friends that go like this: the internet is not only to check social networks, search for music, watch movies or series, it also serves to investigate and study, you have to know how to take advantage of the internet to learn.

I thank @theinkwell and all his team for giving us the opportunity to participate in this beautiful contest and I thank all the people who take part of their time to enter to read my post, Blessings to all of you and may the good vibes of life surround you. Grateful to everyone in the community, have a happy evening, afternoon or day wherever you are in the world.



The footprints we leave in life can be positive or negative, committing yourself to leaving the former is a noble endeavor. Your father's words are wonderful as well, learning is a lifelong process! Thank you for sharing your story with us, and for your engagement with other members of the community.

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