Creativenonfiction #59 - Good Health Is Wealth

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There is a saying that "Health is Wealth". I never truly knew the meaning of this quote until some years back. They say "experience is the best teacher" and I did learned the importance of having a good health "almost" the hard way.

I am someone who loves saving. Growing up in a family where things were not handed to me on a platter of gold, we were living fine but not in luxury so I learned firsthand that I can get some things that I need through savings.

Before completing my fashion training, I have been saving up to get an industrial machine as I learned it will help make the clothes I make look very neat.

Since I also work while I was learning, I do ensure that I save a little out of my salary every month no matter how small it is.

I had lots of plans for myself as regards the way I want my fashion place to be but just like every other business, it will require money to start it up.

"If I can get about 150,000 naira(approx. $150) now, I would add that to the little money I have saved so far", I said to a colleague of mine one day while we were talking about our plans.

"Why don't you ask your loved ones for financial help ?", she asked.

" I did but they are not financially bouyant at the moment", I replied her.

Besides I believe that if I am to ask for financial help from my loved ones then I must have saved an higher percentage of the money myself.

So I continued saving up even to the detriment of some things I needed. But then sometimes what we plan doesn't always work out the way we had planned.

It all started when I was ill and I started feeling weak coupled with headaches and the sorts. I concluded it might be due to stress since I barely fall ill. So I ignored it till it became worse.

I didn't want to spend the money on me by going to the hospital or taking tests as I believed I could just "wing" it by engaging in self-medication.

After spending on drugs and still didn't get any result, I paused and had a rethink. I thought of my life and what would happen to the money I had "saved" if my illness became very serious to the point of death. I knew I had to act fast and not joke with my health.

I immediately withdrew the money, went for a blood test and it was then I discovered that I had malaria. A very serious one at that.

I went to register at a private hospital and got the proper treatments I needed. I also made sure I ate good and nutritious meals and in no time I was very much better.


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When I calculated the money left with me, I knew it won't be enough to get a new sewing machine so I decided to use the money to get a fairly used sewing machine so I could still use that in sewing and so far it hasn't been giving me any issues as it works very well.

I figured I would continue with my savings, then also save from the profit I make in my fashion business, and in no time I would still get the industrial machine that I want.

So I learned that even if I was saving for a good cause, it shouldn't be to the detriment of my health as I realized that there is no way I can enjoy wealth if I am not in good health.

Thank you for reading.


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We need to prioritise our health over anything as health is truly wealth. This was a good read.

Yes we must always do. Thank you so much for reading.

It's a pleasure.

It’s good to know that you caught your health issues in time. Malaria can be very dangerous and a new sewing machine, certainly, wouldn’t have had any use if you became gravely ill. The secondhand machine sounds as if it’s adequate, so all seems to be working out well.

Yes, I am glad things are working well. Thank you for your time here and for your support.

An excellent message that you leave us with your experience, It is true that health is an invaluable treasure, we must take care of ourselves and try to keep our biological machine in good condition.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Happy day.

I am glad you enjoyed reading. Thank you so much for your time here.

This is an interesting read and a very good reminder that no matter what we are saving our money for, it shouldn't be at the detriment of our health. Health comes first, health is wealth indeed because if we are healthy, we can always work to replace whatever we have taken out of our savings.

Exactly nothing should take the place of our health as it is very paramount to have a good health.

Thank you for stopping by.

Indeed health is wealth. Taking care of yourself is just as Vital as meeting up with your needs.


This was beautifully written dearest Rukkie and I love your story.

Always a #dreemerforlife

You made the right decision, health comes before any other thing. Even if you spend the entire money on your health and didn't get to buy any machine at all, I tell you it is worth it as far as you will be fine.

It's the living that looks for money, and it's only the living that money is important to. Nevertheless I am glad you were able to get a fairly used machine, with time I know you will get a very good industrial machine.

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