Sittin' on a gold mine - literally.

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"For cryin' in the mud, BT! What about now?" Petey hollered through the closed door.

"Noooot yeeeeet. Quit askin', Petey!"

"Well, hurry it up! Or take another swig o' that oil. But shake a leg, will ya?"

"Petey," BT sighed. "These things take time! And you're not the one that's gonna need to go fishin fer it! So quit yer belly-achin'!"

Tannie giggled at the thought. She didn't envy BT's position. Not now, not before, and not in the near future. He sure had saved the day, but at what expense? She giggled again, thinking back to earlier that afternoon. If they had kept their celebrating down to a dim roar, they would have skated with the loot. Now, their hootin' and hollerin' had got them in a real pickle.

"What are you three dimwits doing, huh?" The meanest, surliest boy had just crossed paths with the trio.

Tannie and Petey stilled like statues. BT thought fast and quickly covered his mouth to cough. Astonished, the other two noticed his empty hand afterwards, and went bug-eyed.

Petey spoke up to draw attention to himself. "Don't pay us any nevermind, Chucky. We're just being silly, is all. You know how it is. Summer's got us losin' our marbles and we just had to get out to the creek to have us some fun." Petey quickly explained, shuffling his feet to try to slide the panning tools into the tall grass. They had been playing "Gold Miner" all summer long, and they would be damned before they gave up their treasure the first time they actually found some!

Chucky walked up to the three, sneering and looking for trouble. Digging his fat finger into Petey's chest, he emphasized his threat with multiple jabs. "I told you before. You call me Chucky one more time and you'll be spittin' out teeth. It's Charles, Four Eyes." Chucky slapped Petey's forehead with the flat side of his palm, pushing Petey's glasses askew.

"Alright, alright. Sorry Chuc- Charles! I forgot."

"And what about you, Fanny?"

"Hey! My name is Tannie!"

"Yeah, that's what I said, Fanny. You stickin' to that story? Or should I start lookin' around for something suppicious?"

"It's SUSpicious, genius! And you better leave us alone or I'll be fixin to run and tell my Pa!"

Chucky's eyes flickered a moment of fear before he covered it with bravado and continued his bullying. "Yeah, yeah. If you actually made it to your Pa without wettin' your pants in fear again, FANNY."

"That's IT, YUCKY. I'm telling!" Tannie bolted up the hillside, hell-bent on bringing her father down with his switch. She might not be able to put the fear of God into Chucky, but her Pa surely would.

Chucky's face paled quickly, watching Tannie and her determination. He better high-tail it back through the woods if he didn't want to meet up with the preacher's wrath. To save face, he had figured he'd better swing his weight around one last time.

"What about you, mush-mouth? You 'fraid I'll whoop you too?"

"MM-mm!" BT shook his head back and forth quickly, mouth pursed shut.

"Yeah, well you oughta be! Next time I see you three, you better steer clear, or I'll squash you!" With that, he pushed past Petey and gave a whallop to the BT's back. A loud gulp emerged from BT as his eyes went round as saucers.

Petey looked over at his friend and gasped. BT shook his head fiercely and put his finger to his mouth, to silence Petey.

And well, that was four hours ago.

Two cups of castor oil later, they were all waiting around the bathroom door, where "digging for gold" took on a whole new meaning for the three unlucky miners.

Sometimes, I wonder where these ideas come from. I can't be held accountable for it, so please don't try to pin it on me. Let's just blame it on @theinkwell and their 50 Imagination Ticklers! This was Suggestion #47: What happens when three kids pretend to pan for gold and actually find some? I hope your imagination was tickled. Mine was 😅


this was a really fun read 😄 thank you for sharing!

Thrilled that you enjoyed it! Wasn't it fun? ha ha! Thank you for that PAWESOME image!

Lmao nobody can't stop you!
I can't keep up 😅

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Crazy-Unicorn, were you laughing as hard as I was?

The poor boy swallowed the gold and now had to wait to go "mining" when it came out the other end!

The things we do for friends - and money! ha ha!

Yes that was subtle 😅
I’m wondering if I would’ve done that 🤣

I don't think I could have!
Gold has sharp edges 😅

Ha ha ha! I figured the gold nuggets had gone down the hatch! But by my reading, he was just keeping them hidden in his mouth until Chucky left, and the pounding on the back sent them down. What a great little story of youthful misadventures. Thanks for posting in The Ink Well, @stormcharmer.

Right down the hatch. :-)
It really came to life for me when Chucky and Tannie were going at it. ha ha!
I am happy to post here. Thank you for having such imaginative prompts!

This is really a beautiful story @stormchaser.
They have been pretending to find gold, then they stumbled on some. And now, some bully might want to take it all.
I like how the kids handled Charlie though, a lot of fast thinking.
And Tannie did the right thing going for her Dad, it's what sent the bully running😁
And absolutely nothing beats a proper relaxation after a good job well done. Which is what the three friends do two hours later.
You captured the essence of children and their childish behaviors in your words, even that of the bully. I could see his mean and freckled face as he looked at them through sneering eyes.
You did a really good job here, keep it up my dear friend👍🏽
And keep it coming.

ha ha! well I'm not sure how relaxed BT was.
He had to produce the gold that he swallowed.😅 Let's hope the oil does its job and makes it a smooth process 😅

I think we all know the right words when it comes to bullies. We have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with them in our childhood. So when we need to describe them, I think we all see their faces looming right before us!

Thank you for joining the fun with me @bruno-kema!

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This story seems to have flowed straight from you imagination, to your keyboard. It's the kind of romp that would make a good episode on the The Little Rascals. If you're are not familiar with this classic series, you'll love it.

Back to your story. You respond to the prompt with light-hearted spontaneity and have a good handle on dialogue. You show Tom Sawyeresque alacrity in dealing with the bully issue.

The story is very amusing. Thank you for posting it in the Ink Well community.

I honestly was laughing while I was writing it! I'm glad that you enjoyed it as well.
Looked up the Little Rascals. Spanky and Alfalfa. Those faces would do a great job with the bug-eyed look! ha ha
Thank you for the visit

Bullies often like to take things that they don't have to work hard to achieve. no place for them.
But our three friends thought quickly and BT now must wait for the gold to come out the "other side" 😅