You have a very lively imagination, @sunnyag! Choosing a toilet for a horror story is quite inspired! I'm glad Mark got out of there alive. (Is he related to Johnny?) You know I have to have fun with you. Thanks for this bizarre and entertaining story!

@jayna I thought you got bored of Johnny so I asked his twin brother to replace him. Thanks for your kind support!

Nice to meet you, Mark! :-)

Whoa that was scary! Good job creating the atmosphere

Thanks for your kindly reply 🙏

Mark must have eaten something really bad! Or maybe he actually met up with something from another world...

This story was awesome!!! You are getting really good at fiction :)

Thanks, I am trying as much as I can :) You know fiction and I am poles apart!

Not really... You are closer than you think. The two horror stories you wrote were both gripping.

Hehe, Mark is very lucky. Worst things could have happened. If I were in that situation I doubt I'll ever be able to go biking again

Thanks bro, and sorry for the delay in reply. I was too busy traveling .).

The longing for a long bike ride collapses when Mark starts having hallucinations. We don't know what causes the hallucinations but in these circumstances it is preferable to stay close to home.
A wish that crashes into reality. Well done, @sunnyag

Thanks for your appreciation. I know once a person goes through such an experience he avoids such places.

Thank you for writing this puzzling story at @thwinkwell, @sunnyag

We are delighted to find your comments supporting the work of fellow writers.

Thank you!

Awesome story as usual bro
I like the way you compose your storyline
Keep it up 💯

Thanks bro, maybe I saw too many horror movies growing up :)

 3 months ago  

Too bad for dear Mark, I don't think he will be going for any long bike rides in the nearest future.
I really enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing it with us.

Thanks, bro, he is no more going biking anywhere apart from in his neighborhood.

I would have made a decision like Mark's, if something like that happened. More cycling during the day, than getting caught up in the illusion of a fake toilet and meeting ghosts.

Thank you for supporting Mark's decision. It's better to stay safe especially if not comfortable taking a risk.

Mark needs to go for a therapy session! OMG.

Nice horror story.

Nah, he would never go to a toilet in an unknown place. That should serve his purpose, he is living a happy life now!

I only wondered where mark had entered or how his imagination had made him see a place that wasn't a toilet as one. Lucky he made it out from that devil's trap, but that also stopped his longing for bike riding

I am not sure but that's something which is not common but I have heard happened with some people. One can never say anything with certainty about paranormal things but they happen sometimes.

Yeah, it's common in Africa and I believe they happen

Mark is lucky. He would have lost his life in an unplanned time and hour.

Sometimes, longing for what is not it might just lead one to his early grave.

I guess no one loses their lives in such incidents but is left confused for the rest of their lives.

This is so horror in nature. Mark will.never forget this day as it is not easy to stand outside alone seeing some strange animals or creatures..
It's a day he will always live to remember.

Not a bad idea 😉

I guess this will always stay back on his mind.

Mark probably also learned another important thing: always be prepared to bring stomach medicine, if it doesn't work, you know there's something wrong supernatural or not.

 2 months ago  

When I was a child, I was afraid I would fall into the toilet ... this is why ... somebody FINALLY understands! Great story!

Yes we interpret things in our own ways according to our own mindset. Thanks.

This is one hell of a story. Your imaginations really went wide on this one and the way you made your reader feel every thing happening was awesome