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Dear community,

Welcome to Prompt #4 in our creative nonfiction initiative. Thank you to everyone who contributed a nonfiction story last week! In case you missed the announcement about The Ink Well opening up to nonfiction stories, you can see it here.

We began the initiative as a trial. It's going well, and we are excited to continue! We have now updated our rules to include creative nonfiction.

Here's a quick overview of how it works:

Each week, we will provide a creative nonfiction prompt. You are also welcome to post other creative nonfiction pieces that are not based on the prompt. See the guidelines below.

In opening up our community to a broader range of content, we will take the stance that not every post will be curated. To be curated, your content should follow our guidelines, be at least 350 words, be written in English (or another language as well as the English translation) and — as much as possible — free of errors.

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What Is Creative Nonfiction?

There are many guides and resources online for getting to know this wonderful genre. It is truly about storytelling. The simple difference between creative nonfiction and fictional work is that it is not made up.

We like this definition from an article on

Simply put: Creative nonfiction is true stories, well told.

With creative nonfiction, you are using the literary and storytelling tools of a fiction writer to craft stories from real life experiences. Set the scene. Give the details. Profile the characters. Give us the dialog, as best you can remember it.

Ideas and inspiration:

We hope you are inspired!

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Guidelines for Creative Nonfiction Articles in The Ink Well

  1. Write creative nonfiction stories about real life, memories, or experiences.
  2. As with our fiction guidelines, we ask that articles be at least 350 words in length. Optimal length is 750-1500 words.
  3. Please read and edit your content before posting. It makes a big difference in how we reward work published in The Ink Well. (And we have some great guidelines for improving your grammar and fixing errors before you post in this article.)
  4. Please post directly in The Ink Well community, and post your link in a comment on this post.
  5. Please use the tag #creativenonfiction on these posts.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Explore an idea that interests you, such as how childhood experiences shape us as adults.
  • Write about the study of dreams and what they mean, along with your own experience.
  • Tell about an experience from your life that profoundly changed you.
  • Write about a teacher who inspired you to overcome obstacles.

In other words, tell a story from real life.

Here’s what we are NOT looking for:

  • A picture of a flower or other posts focused on photography
  • A few paragraphs about what you ate for lunch
  • Recipes and how-to articles
  • Essays about religion or politics
  • Poetry

What will be muted:

  • Spam posts or plagiarism
  • Graphic violence
  • Lectures or proselytizing about religion, politics or morality

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Last Week's Creative Nonfiction Winners

Thank you to all who participated in last week's prompt: The Music in You!

Second Place: Wins 1000 Ecency Points

Yet mid way through the class, as we build toward a strenous standing series where we shift through the warrior poses and into balancing, the joyous and heart opening sound of Baba Hanuman resound through the space and I find myself weeping. It's a particular version of it that I adore, although there are many that have the same effect. Once, in Bali, I bawled my eyes out throughout the entire class, silently weeping, joyous, open, my heart hurting and exploding as I felt myself expanding in beauteous joy. I had to speak to the instructor about it afterwards and he just smiled, saying that it's a 'powerful heart opening mantra'. Hanuman, you might know, is the monkey god who ripped open his chest to reveal Ram, the avatar of the God Vishnu, and his consort, Sita. It's a story of boundless faith and devotion and pure connection to the divine.

First Place: Wins 5 Hive

This happened about a month ago: So there I was, in the dream, sitting on a bench and reading a book; the park filled with so much life and beauty: swans dancing by the lake, birds chirping and singing sweet melodious songs in the sky, and rabbits chasing butterflies on the grass. And even the squirrels and chipmunks, whom had all been busy twittering up in the trees this whole time, sang too a great many deal of tunes!

There also with me, was a little girl playing around with the animals. I suspected she must've been around the age of 3. She had very nice silky blonde hair with a pretty blue bow attached to it; pale white skin, and eyes, a staggering color of hazel. She wore a pretty peach dress and had a very warm smile on her face. And though, she did not speak a word to me, I found myself taking a much liking to the girl and fancied her presence a lot.

Congratulations, @zeraton and @riverflows!

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The Ink Well Creative Nonfiction Writing Prompt #4: Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming difficulties and challenges is an integral part of the human condition. Sometimes you just feel like giving up. It's often a conscious choice to push through, get life back on track, keep forging ahead, and never give up.

What can you do with this prompt? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tell us about a time when you overcame obstacles and got through a difficult experience or phase of life. What was the driving force? How did your life change as a result?
  • Write about one of the strongest, most inspirational people you know, and how they have never let circumstances drag them down. What are that person's character traits?
  • Write about your take on the importance of staying on course when the going gets tough. Do you have any words of inspiration?

Please use the tag #creativenonfiction on these posts. And please remember to add your post link to a comment on this post!


  • The top creative nonfiction story of the week will receive 5 Hive
  • The second place story will receive 1,000 Ecency points


You have a week, until the next prompt is posted, to post your creative nonfiction story in The Ink Well community.

See you in The Ink Well!

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Coingratulations @zeraton and @riverflows. We have so many fine writers and received many wonderful pieces. Your work stood out this week.

Thank you🤍

Congratulations @zeraton and @riverflows. Such gorgeous writing ✍️❤️💕😘😘😘

Why thank you😁

Ahh... What a pleasure! The prompt was perfect for me so, chipping in something last week was a no brainer really. Also, congratulations @riverflows! Your post has the tendency to bring solace to a broken heart ngl.

Congrats to the winners...they have done so well...
But @theinkwell , my post was not visited...not even a comment ..

Are you referring to this post?

It went up 22 hours ago. This prompt post went up 14 hours ago. We are people, not computers. If the story comes on the same day as the prompt, there is a really good chance it will not be curated before post time.

Remember, we are just people. Even when the stories come in early there is always a chance they might be missed. Curation is a goal, not a guarantee. We try.

Congratulations to @zeraton and @riverflows for winning..(claps)

Congratulations @zeraton and @riverflows

Yay! @zeraton and @riverflows a well deserved congratulations to the both of you 😁💚

In everyone's life, both victory and defeat are certain, we should always accept them, no person is perfect. There is no age to learn. Life is a heap of experiences, if we look at our memories, we will find many such memories which we had forgotten. But only a few great people are able to create good characters and stories with the help of their imaginations. But the knowledgeable and great admins of @theinkwell seem committed to bringing out the past memories and writing prodigies of all of us. I salute them all from the heart and also appreciate the winners @zeraton and @riverflows for this prompt-3.

Good evening everyone, here is my entry.
Good luck to everyone


Hi @theinkwell, I have a fun suggestion, wanna hear it?

What is your suggestion, @treasure-joshua? Note that the best way to have a conversation with our team is on Discord in the #ask-theinkwell channel.

This is my bitter experience in life, which I want to share with you.

It is a pleasure for me to leave this real life story in this call.

Hey guys.. Top of the weekend. Here's my entry for this week

Very pleased to participate in this call. Here my entry for this issue #4:

My support in the entrances of @egboncass, @kzxixs, @gracielaacevedo and @pjpavan

Hello, wonderful people.
This is my entry for the 4th nonfiction prompt.
I have commented on @kirlos's and @pjpavan's work.

Congratulations, @riverflows and @zeraton. We move to this week, how you overcame obstacles.

Thanks man! Yeah, it's a pretty interesting prompt this week huh?