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Dear community,

Welcome to Prompt #6 in our creative nonfiction initiative. Thank you to everyone who contributed a nonfiction story last week! In case you missed the announcement about The Ink Well opening up to nonfiction stories, you can see it here.

Here's a quick overview of how it works:

Each week, we will provide a creative nonfiction prompt. You are also welcome to post other creative nonfiction pieces that are not based on the prompt. See the guidelines below.

In opening up our community to a broader range of content, we will take the stance that not every post will be curated. To be curated, your content should follow our guidelines, be at least 350 words, be written in English (or another language as well as the English translation) and — as much as possible — free of errors.

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What Is Creative Nonfiction?

There are many guides and resources online for getting to know this wonderful genre. It is truly about storytelling. The simple difference between creative nonfiction and fictional stories is that the story is not made up.

We like this definition from an article on

Simply put: Creative nonfiction is true stories, well told.

With creative nonfiction, you are using the literary and storytelling tools of a fiction writer to craft stories from real life experiences. Set the scene. Give the details. Profile the characters. Give us the dialog, as best you can remember it.

Ideas and inspiration:

We hope you are inspired!

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Guidelines for Creative Nonfiction Articles in The Ink Well

  1. Write creative nonfiction stories about real life, memories, or experiences.
  2. As with our fiction guidelines, we ask that articles be at least 350 words in length. Optimal length is 750-1500 words.
  3. Please read and edit your content before posting. It makes a big difference in how we reward work published in The Ink Well. (And we have some great guidelines for improving your grammar and fixing errors before you post in this article.)
  4. Please post directly in The Ink Well community, and post your link in a comment on this post.
  5. Please use the tag #creativenonfiction on these posts.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Explore an idea that interests you, such as how childhood experiences shape us as adults.
  • Write about the study of dreams and what they mean, along with your own experience.
  • Tell about an experience from your life that profoundly changed you.
  • Write about a teacher who inspired you.

In other words, tell a story from real life.

Here’s what we are NOT looking for:

  • A picture of a flower or other posts focused on photography
  • A few paragraphs about what you ate for lunch
  • Recipes and how-to articles
  • Essays about religion or politics
  • Poetry

What will be muted:

  • Spam posts or plagiarism
  • Graphic violence
  • Lectures or proselytizing about religion, politics or morality

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Last Week's Creative Nonfiction Winners

Thank you to all who participated in last week's prompt: Traditions!

Our creative nonfiction initiative is growing! Each week, we are stunned by the amazing works of writing coming in. As of this week, we would like to add "honorable mentions" to our callouts for the week.

Honorable Mentions of the Week

Our honorable mentions for the traditions prompt are:

Third Place: Wins 1000 Ecency Points

Our third place winner is @diikaan, with his story, When the Umoidems Gather.

It was a Christmas morning and the otherwise quiet and scanty compound was now swelling with family and loved ones. The family houses were still receiving returnees with their usual gay selves and much fanfare from their dependents who mostly cheered for what will probably come out of the boxes instead of real happiness at seeing them.

Second Place: Wins 3 Hive Points

When they grew up her sons were executioners who squeezed every last drop out of her, and her daughters like her, slaves of the house and the kitchen. She died at the age of 54, on a Sunday, August 18, when she was no longer herself, but delirious ashes on her bed. It was not the cancer in her lung de ella that consumed her life de ella; it was the violence, the lack of love, the injustices, the abandonments, the humiliations, the betrayals, the loneliness and the many other evils to which she and many other women are condemned for life; for being women, for being poor, and for having so much love and so much dignity in a world that only knows hated and misery.

First Place: Wins 5 Hive

Today I study in the ancient temple of family history. The mash potatoes MUST be made the night before, they are mixed with cream cheese and left to chill. The next day, they are baked for an hour. That's entirely dissimilar to how I make potatoes, and it's wonderful!

The celery and onions that go into the stuffing must be thinly sliced; the bread sits out overnight in cubes. While the ingredients are combined the next morning, sausage is added. I always ate boxed stuffing, so this is fancy stuff to me. I never measure when I cook, but I do for Jenny, because that is her way. Each year, the family knows what the food will taste like.

Congratulations, @diikaan, @jetta.amaya and @grindan!

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The Ink Well Creative Nonfiction Writing Prompt #7: Growing Up

There are so many aspects of childhood, family and growth we can explore with creative nonfiction. For this prompt, think about the idea of growing up;

  • What did it mean to you as a child, as a teenager, and older?
  • Did you wish you were grown up until you got there and then wish you weren't?
  • Was there an event that made you grow up faster than those around you?
  • Were your feelings about growing up influenced by friends, siblings, or others?
  • And was there a startling moment when you realized that you were, in fact, all grown up?

Write your story. Tell us about the process of growing up, or the moment when you realized you were no longer a child.

Have fun!

Please use the tags #creativenonfiction and #inkwellprompt on these posts. And please remember to add your post link to a comment on this post!


  • The top creative nonfiction story of the week will receive 5 Hive
  • The second place story will receive 3 Hive
  • Third place will receive 1,000 Ecency points


You have a week, until the next prompt is posted, to post your creative nonfiction story in The Ink Well community.

See you in The Ink Well!

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Congratulations, @diikaan, @jetta.amaya, and @grindan. Your pieces shine in a collection of impressive entries.

Thank you, everyone, who submitted a piece this week.

Thank you very much Agmoore 😊

Thank you for your words!!! It is an honor!!!

Thank you very much for the kind words

Congratulations to all of you for a well-deserved success! @diikaan, @jetta.amaya and @grindan 🤗

Thank you very much 🤗 !PIZZA

Congratulations to this week's winners @diikaan , @jetta.amaya and @grindan.
Good stories

Thank you very much!!!


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
grindan tipped arduilcelebren (x1)
@grindan(2/10) tipped @theinkwell (x1)

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I am so honored to place among many beautiful pieces! Thank you to The Ink Well for this awesome engagement, and to all of you who shared this week 😁🤗 !PIZZA !LUV !LOLZ

I am glad to have been mentioned. Thank you @theinkwell.
Congratulations to the winners.

Hello, please how long does this contest last?
Is it weekly?
Can I still hop into i? because it's 7days already.

Hello @herbae, the contest lasts from when the prompt blog is posted until the next one is posted. This is usually 7 days, Saturday to Saturday. Today we have a new prompt,Growing Up, and this contest will end in seven days. However, if you want to be considered for a prize, it's a good idea not to wait until the last minute to post your piece.

Of course, you can always write a creative nonfiction piece on any subject and not in response to the prompt. We will try to curate all posts as they come in.

Ok thanks for enlightening me

It was a pleasure to be part of this literary sharing. I loved participating, congratulations to all the winners!!!

We're so glad you've joined us in The Ink Well, @jetta.amaya!

Damn, I missed last week's prompt, I will make it up this week, but I read a lot of stories on various traditions, they were amazing.

Looking forward to seeing your story, @amiegeoffrey!

We are loving all the great stories coming in for the creative nonfiction prompts. Thank you to everyone who is joining this new initiative. It's another way to flex your writing muscles, create a sense of place, share the magic and drama and challenges of our lives, and give voice to your insights about this human existence.

We appreciate all of you! Congrats to all of the winners and honorable mentions of the week.

It's a pleasure to be with you again, this is my entry.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @jayna ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

I don't know if this eligible. Had written before I saw the prompt. 😔

Congratulations to the winners of the last prompt.

Here is my entry.

Congratulations to the winners and all those honourably mentioned.
This link is not a response to the prompt by a creative non-fiction post nonetheless.

Hello Community,
I had a peculiar inspiration and wrote a peculiar piece in response to this prompt. As always, responding to the prompt was thought provoking and a creative exercise. Perhaps not fun reading :)

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of last week's prompt. 🎉👏

By the way, here's my entry for this week;
I hope you will like it.

Hello, wonderful community!
This is my entry for this week:
Thank you in advance for reading.