Creative Nonfiction Prompt #72

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Creative Nonfiction in The Ink Well Prompt #72


Welcome to The Ink Well's weekly creative nonfiction prompt!

In this post, we'll announce the winners from last week's contest and provide the prompt for the coming week.

Before You Write Your Creative Nonfiction Post...

We ask that you read our Creative Nonfiction Tips post to learn about the creative nonfiction genre and review our guidelines.

Important notes:

  • Creative nonfiction stories are based on your real-life experiences.
  • We are looking for real short stories! Not advice columns, reports on crime or corruption in your city, observations on nature, recipes, religion, politics, or any other nonfiction content. Just real-life short stories.
  • Ideal story length is between 750 and 1500 words, but your story must be at least 350 words, at a minimum to be curated.
  • Please focus on quality content. Read and edit for errors! Use a grammar checker before you post your story.
  • We expect everyone who posts in The Ink Well to read and comment on at least two other stories for each one published.
  • Do not post stories featuring physical abuse, graphic violence, erotica or NSFW content.


Last Week's entrants

Thank you to all who participated in last week's promptMusic

Last week's participants



Highlighting @george-dee, with the story:

The Strings To Our Hearts

We greeted each other a few times that day and we gradually became closer as weeks passed. We chatted a lot at work about music and instead of using my earphones, I played music through my phone speaker so that we could listen together since she brought her table closer to mine.

Curator's comment :

george-dee writes an absolutely delightful CNF story for the music prompt about switching from teaching and a low salary to working in a factory.


Highlighting @chuksmeezy, with the story:

My perfect mind therapy

I guess at some point, everyone needs a space or a personal zone where they can just reason out life, reflect and re-construct things in their minds. But how could I transition into this abstract zone without a little bit of music. Yeah! Music was my sanity therapy.

Curator's comment :

Chuksmeezy writes an excellent CNF that showcases his addiction to the beat. A soulful rendition of music resonating with his essence. An easy, interesting read packed with personality and populated by the colorful people in his life.


This Week's Prompt 72:


Ideas :

  • A friend or family member endeared themselves to you because of the way they viewed difficult circumstances with wry humour.
  • Perhaps your sense of slapstick humour made you popular or unpopular with your peers.
  • Maybe a friend always gave you the benefit of the doubt and regarded your antics with indulgent humour.

Tell us about it! And remember to integrate storytelling elements like characters, scene setting, dialogue and action to bring your story to life!

Have fun and good luck! We look forward to reading your stories.



  • You have 6 days to write your story from the date of this prompt post. Be sure to check the deadline countdown.
  • Write a real-life story with the creative elements of fiction, like characters, dialogue, scene setting and a story conflict.
  • Post your story in The Ink Well Community.
  • Please use the tags #creativenonfiction and #inkwellprompt on these posts. Other possible tags: #writing #inkwellprompt #nonfiction
  • Stories must be written in English. If you've translated the post, it's best to add the original version below the translation. Do not write mixed language paragraphs.
  • Read and comment on at least two stories in the community. Add a link to your story as a comment on this post.

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