Edition 5: The Ink Well Golden Quill Writer Showcase

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Welcome to The Ink Well Golden Quill Writer Showcase!

In this series, we are selecting one writer to showcase in each edition. The selected writer may be a rising star or an author whose work consistently demonstrates the writing skills we promote in our writing prompts and our catalog of fiction writing tips.

In all cases, The Ink Well Golden Quill will showcase a community member in good standing in The Ink Well who regularly publishes in our community and supports other community members by reading and commenting on their work.

In addition to showcasing one of the author's recent stories, we will also reward a Golden Quill badge to the writer.

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This Golden Quill Goes to: @kemmyb


Image source: ELG21 on Pixabay

Story Excerpt: A Thief's Good Luck

"We have to help her," I suggested. Elwin stared at me like I'd grown horns on my head. "I know you are new to this but don't be naive. She's the king's daughter. Let them teach him a lesson…"

And then we heard it — the loud flapping of heavy wings against the wind. Everyone around the town's square gazed up as the gigantic roc with its powerful wing strokes glided smoothly through the air, its strong feet with sharp talons stretched out to pick up its prey.


What We Loved

Every good writer has a different way of reaching their readers, pulling them in, and coaxing them to immerse in the story. @kemmyb creates a mood and uses imagery and a powerful sense of place in her skillful world building. She takes us on a journey with characters who feel tangible to us, even if they exist in a land or a time we can never visit in real life.

Author Accolades

@kemmyb's stories are thoughtful, moody, readable and enjoyable, and they always leave us wanting more.

Well done, @kemmyb. Keep writing!

To collect your badge, please pop into the #ask-theinkwell channel in our Discord server, and we'll send you your badge in DM.

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Thank you for reading our Golden Quill post!

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Thank you so much, @theinkwell for this level of recognition. I am truly honoured! You have nurtured and guided me to be better at writing. I appreciate this and hope to keep writing. 😊♥️

congrats lovely lady!!!!!!! just seeing this now! hehehehe you are so deserving of it!!! proud of you always!

Thank you! 💖😘


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Congratulations @kemmyb. This is a well-deserved honor!

I am smiling from ear to ear as I read this. 😄 Your comments are always spot on and encouraging. Thank you. 🙂 !PIZZA

Congratulations @kemmyb! It’s great to see excellence recognised. 🤗💕🥰💕🤗💕❤️❤️❤️❤️

What a lovely compliment. 😊 Thank you, @itsostylish.

Well done, @kemmyb!

I very much appreciate your encouragement and support. Thank you. 😊 !PIZZA


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@kemmyb always a great writer. Congratulations to you and more wins to come. Do have a lovely weekend my lady ❣️

Great writer? 😄 I'm working towards it. You write beautifully as well. Thanks dear. ♥️ !PIZZA

Yep! Great writer 😌. Thanks for the compliment ma'am ☺️ and thank you for the pizza it indeed served as a good breakfast 🤣.

Hearty congratulations to you @kemmyb

Thank you! 😊

Congratulations @kemmyb your stories truly are wonderful :) I still remember the first series you wrote for Hive, I loved it :)

😂 I remember too and when I read through them, I can't believe I wrote them. Thank you. !PIZZA

They were awesome, they pulled readers into the world you created :) ...

Congratulations, @kemmyb! You're one of the most talented writers around. Well deserved 😁

That's nice of you. Thank you so much. 😊

Congratulations @kemmyb. A great recognition to your talent for writing fabulous stories 😊

Thank you. 😊