Edition 7: The Ink Well Golden Quill Writer Showcase

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Welcome to The Ink Well Golden Quill Writer Showcase!

In this series, we are selecting one writer to showcase in each edition. The selected writer may be a rising star or an author whose work consistently demonstrates the writing skills we promote in our writing prompts and our catalog of fiction writing tips.

In all cases, The Ink Well Golden Quill will showcase a community member in good standing in The Ink Well who regularly publishes in our community and supports other community members by reading and commenting on their work.

In addition to showcasing one of the author's recent stories, we will also reward a Golden Quill badge to the writer.

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This Golden Quill Goes to: @wrestlingdesires


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Story Excerpt: It's Just a Lump of Clay

Doctor Lorne's eyes widened as he held the scene in his hand. "The little gazelle and cheetah are so lifelike," he gasped, looking in wonder at the tiny animals and the miniature world in which they were placed.

"I saw from the pictures on your wall that you'd been to Africa, so I thought you might like a sculpture of the African Plains."

"Like it? It's perfect, the best piece I could have hoped for! Thank you again," he said, extending his hand to the artist.

The next morning, Dr. Lorne looked fondly at the sculpture, as he drank his coffee.

"How strange. I could swear that the cheetah was chasing the gazelle. I remember how graceful the poses were. Now the gazelle is drinking from the stream, and the cheetah napping."


What We Loved

In this story, @wrestlingdesires creates a magical little world within a very real world. The technique is called magical realism. When a writer spins a tale with realistic characters and
with authority, readers will follow them anywhere. In this case, we are willing to imagine that a sculpture of animals on the African plains can come to life.

Author Accolades

@wrestlingdesires' stories are sometimes serious, often playful, and always imaginative. He is one of the writers in the community who continually develops his craft, and it's wonderful to see that progression.

Well done, @wrestlingdesires. Keep writing!

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Thank you for reading our Golden Quill post!

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Congratulations @wrestlingdesires! I'm not surprised by this award because you are a fantastic writer! Your stories hold your readers spellbound. This is well deserved. Keep writing! 🙂

Good call, The Ink Well. Well done to the team.🙂

Thanks so much, I'm so humbled by this ♥️


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This is incredibly well-deserved @wrestlingdesires ... Your stories are so entertaining and you constantly hit new highs with your writing, continually refining your craft. I love seeing you push into new areas as your recent Ink Well submissions have done. Congratulations, my friend 💗

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Thanks so much, this one really surprised me :) I was just overwhelmed by the reaction to this week's post ♥️


Where does a martial arts instructor in Bankok live?
In a Thai con-do.

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Congratulations @wrestlingdesires!! A very well-deserved pick, you are always everywhere, encouraging and engaging others! I know I always really enjoy your comments 😁

Equally, you are an amazing writer— the king of dialogue! Smiling to see you spotlighted with the mighty golden quill! 🙌😍🎉

Congratulations @wrestlingdesires. Well deserved recognition. Creator of wonderful stories.
A hug 😙

Thanks so much, this is truly a surprise and an honor. You have made my month 🙌

Thanks so much again for everything ♥️

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Well deserved, @wrestlingdesires. Your work is consistently good, but It's Just a Lump of Clay broke the mold.


Thank you so much, and also for the guidance you provide :) Suggestions really are what has helped me to improve!



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Congratulations to you @wrestlingdesires this is amazing 🤗🤗.

Thanks so much for your kind words ♥️


Oh wow, I am envious... But in a good way though.

Congratulations, @wrestlingdesires, your consistency has paid off. 🎉🎉🎉🙌🙌💕💞

Thanks so much for your kindness ♥️


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Why was the river rich?
Because it had two banks.

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