This is really creepy. The ghost of a dead man in search of his body.
Really creative.
This is a good work, i love it. Keep it up @ubani1

That is a great story, horror without gore. The greatest power is in the mind, and you played on that well here. The reader knows Steven is not alone. This is the scheme in many horror movies where viewers want to scream at the screen, "Watch out!" You build the suspense, and fear, carefully. The last line is the best

And now he's desperately in search of his body.

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This is my kind of horror, @ubani. In my youth I was a fan of de Maupassant and Poe. Both of these authors were masters of horror, but there was little blood that flowed in their stories. They played upon the mind, and our instinctive fears. You do a good job of that here.

It was a pleasure reading the story.

Those who can see fear the most in every things they only can see. You gave us (the readers) to be thrilled by Steven going in that room. It was unexpected that the person was the one who died already. It became scary already when Steven went to that room you ended it with a revelation that made me afraid by seeing his face in the camera.

This is a thrilling story, @ubani. The setting is great - the almost mundane talk of security workers in a hospital who have to experience death every day. But then the odd character who enters becomes more bizarre by the moment. I had the chills when Steven entered the file room and couldn't see the man right behind him! Excellent horror story. Thank you for sharing your work in The Ink Well.

Incredibly spooky! :-)
When the man was in the room and the dead man was right behind him, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up! ha ha!

The adrenaline was pumping! When they threatened to slice him open, I felt my blood pressure rise! 😅