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He saw me at eighteen
When I thought I did not need him
I had His second person for long - Christ
I even had the head copy of his second person - the bible

I talked about Him as a teen
Him - I mean the holy spirit
Even his second person (Christ)
Thinking l had them

Do not do this, I knew
Making my peers bow
Stand up for the champion they would say
Because I had the head copy of his second person

Boom, He saw me again
By that time I was taking my bath with those things he said I should not do
But he still looked into my eyes and said
You are still beautiful
Love is what he taught me
And he is still teaching how to love
He told the other day
That I am a friend to his second person

I rubbed myself with him
Now I talk like him, walk like him and obey him
Because I have the heart copy of his second person

My hands are always cold and my heart is always heavy
My head always aches
And my feet has been dancing in fear
Because I always feel his second person

He is teaching me how to walk
Although, I use to fall
He carries me on his shoulder
And make me win the crown
All because I have the heart copy of his second person - Christ!


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