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Were you cast out of life's happiness?
Were you pushed out from love?
What about the words, your friends say?Feeling that the rain has not yet fallen on your roof?

You even wanted to cross the bar.
Hey, another day is here for you to get to the top
You can be what you want to be
You can scare your fears and harrass your molestation.

Did life build another room in your room for you?
The sun, can smile at your scare moon. Dreams has not come through but stand,
so you could reach your destination.
Use everything to show that you want to succeed.

Don't mind the torture , because very soon you will feature in your future.
Even if the sea roars, be encouraged because the trees are standing for you.
Use a boat to sail through and make it.
And if the boat sinks swim and reach your goals.

Wave out questions today and use your success to answer it tommorow
Let no one write your life for you again, because very soon, you will cross the bar. See problems and jump to solutions.

Play a music, and dance to the lyrics, and make up your dream list for the idle future, Stand up feet and speak.
Don't only stand in a gap for people to reach their destination
But reach your tomorrow from today.
Be the exact you and not the better of the best people!!


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