This is actually super cool! Thx guys ow yesss I feel my paspoort is ready to conquer the world!

Ohoo🙂, @abachon looks like you've already improved that person's day by giving him that precious gift. The luckiest winner. Congratulations🥁🎺🎆✨ to the winner. I wish you a pleasant and peaceful🌍 time. Cheers🙋‍♂️ !BEER

Congratulations @karinxxl. There is more for one passport holder.


Link to vote for @cranium as a witness

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Jihhaaaaaaa fiesta time and the Dutch will conquer the beermarket ;)))

Good luck in this difficult matter.

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My request for the first Dutch Citizen Passport has been granted. It's only not given away to me 😂
Gefeliciteerd @karinxxl

You still have time before the prize is paid out 😉

Super dankjewel! :)

Meeeer Dutchies!

Congratulations @karinxxl. 😊

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Thx miss Gillian! It is always good to have a passport :)

Congratulations @karinxxl

Thank you so much!

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Congratz to the winner!

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Hey @abachon, here is a little bit of BEER from @valentin86 for you. Enjoy it!

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Congratulations @karinxxl on winning 😎🙌🙌🙌

Welcome to the Town Hall!