Recording and Recap of PYPT from March 17


We had a interesting variety of posts shared on PYPT this past week. I always love the variety participants bring to the show. Some great community chat and getting to know each other.

Deltron from the Hive film project joined us today giving us an opportunity to talk to him about the project and the proposal they have submitted to the Community fund. If you haven’t voted for it yet, I really suggest you do. Find out more here

Thursday, the next PYPT show, will be St. Patrick’s day. The day of the year when those who are Irish celebrate their nationality and those who wish they were Irish jump in and share. Think about that when you’re doing your posts this week and bring a related post along if you’d like.

Keep on creating your content and playing games to earn Hive and tokens. Build your position and best of all — keep on pimping your work. Some great discussions take place during the shows. They give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn about what is happening.

Anyone who writes content any where is welcome to share it on PYPT. Having seen the value in networking, the more diverse the group is, the greater the opportunity to connect, learn and grow. The DreemPort server is here

Here is the recording:

Here are the posts that were shared:

NOTE: I put all the Hive links to posts as but anyone participating are welcome to use links from the frontends they prefer. If you want to look in your preferred frontend check out this post on how to do so easily. Thank you @thekittygirl

Hive HBI Draw

We had a draw for 3 units of HBI.

@amirtheawesome1 receives 3 units of Hive SBI.

If you’re not familiar with what it is, check out this post for more information.

Engagement is Important

Please visit the the posts and leave a comment. Upvotes are nice but you know engagement really matters. Letting people know you cared they created their content is great for morale and it builds community. Be a community builder.

Thanks again to @sgt-dan for streaming the show to his follows on his Untamed Sarge feed on Twitter. Sarge has been a great supporter of PYPT and was very happy to make an exclusive agreement with him to stream the feed. You can catch his stream here.

How to Take Part

Everyone, no matter where you write, are welcome to take part on Thursdays at 12pm EST in the DreemPort discord server. Don’t worry if you’ve never taken part in something like this. You’re welcome to just jump in and listen until you are comfortable. If you want to test it out, we’ll always help people to get started. It’s a friendly bunch.

Would You Like A Reminder?

I know, we have busy lives and sometimes we forget things. You can sign up here to get an email reminder sent out a couple of hours before the show starts.

Hope to see you join us soon.



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Thanks @dlmmqb for nominating me and thanks @shadowspub for organizing this 🙌.


Wanna hang with the cool kids and be a part of the long-running #hive community? PYPT will be what you are looking for.

Come join us!

Thanks so much for the share @drabs587 It means a lot!
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Thanks @shadowspub for sharing our introduction post!

Thanks for having us, we will be back soon!!!

Sorry I missed it, my I will be making a point to show up next week :) It really is a great way to meet new friends!


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