Absolute Proof

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It is complex, it’s hard for people to understand, and if it's complex, people just want to dismiss it as conspiracy theory, where it’s [really] cyber warfare, unconventional asymmetric warfare, conducted by a peer threat nation state against the United States government and critical infrastructure.

– Retired Corlonel Phil Waldron, Mike Lindell’s first guest, in this magisterial documentary of the “known facts” concerning the 2020 Election fraud, or the ‘2020 Steal’ as it's also called.

It’s all exposed.

If you watch the entire documentary, I think you’ll be able to consider yourself extremely well informed on the subject, especially if you know anything at all about IT.

Immediately deleted by YouTube (original link)

Here on Rumble: Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic

You’ll probably want to send it to everyone you know, too. Send the link in an email. https://rumble.com/vdlebn-mike-lindell-absolute-proof-exposing-election-fraud-and-the-theft-of-americ.html Make it personal. It’s worth the time. Of course, if they don’t watch it, no big deal, it’s their decision, but you’ll have done all that you can do, and that’s what counts.

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I think a majority knows They outright hijacked the 2020 election, Collusion never before seen in history between private industry and government to pull off a literal Coup on the Office of President. The main reason it seems everyone is afraid of the violence that would follow in retribution from the Deep State, it looked like they decided to live to fight another day because the evidence of election fraud is overwhelming and the entire US Court system is guilty of treason for not going through the evidence, the system of Collusion is in many ways even bigger and more cohesive than I realized after the 2020 election. The truth is just that no matter if you like Trump or not, or like me remain independent and objective Trump got robbed! And the Constitution and rule of law is dead.

I think people that label the steal as anything to do with Trump support - and not about the steal itself, are either in denial of reality, or have disingenuous motives for continuing that narrative. (deflection etc.)

Time Magazine now recognizes everything except for the actual fraud . . .

Looks like they're trying to get out in front of that narrative making with something that they see as becoming (or already having become) common knowledge.


it's hilarious! 'fortified', no less! lol

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bingo, and the same brain dead TDS sufferers who said it was a conspiracy theory yesterday are now parroting that exact spin.

The longer Biden spends in office illegally the more guilty he is.

TIME Magazine openly admits it!

They call it "fortifying".


Good Timing on your post! I just seen the news on Time admitting to the collusion between Government and Private interests on the 2020 election, What I call the Liberal Progressive Mafia is to clearly distinguish between the Tyrants responsible for Censorship who have been in power this century( and are not Liberal or Progressive), from other people who are Left leaning, may describe themselves as Democrats etc. I live in a Blue stronghold St.Louis, There are no Liberal Progressives or supporters here, Traditional Democrats have walked away silently, I work in a Trade Union, the only Support Biden and his minions had are at the top of the Union leadership, on the street level I can Guarantee you Trump secretly had 80% of the Union Vote, and nobody is publicly supporting Biden and his Chinese Globalism. This is the greatest case of Orwell's 1984 coming to life, if they didn't hit the world with the Plandemic they couldn't have pulled this Coup off as easily, our reality is now provably 100% manipulated, orchestrated, all the major events from 9-11-2001 to 2020 have not occurred organically!

There's a joke in Europe that goes: in order to be Socialist nowadays, you've got to be rich! It's the same everywhere you go: the so-called progressives are more regressive than those across the aisle! When they stopped representing the working and middle classes, that was just the beginning. As you say, they've moved on to another level entirely. It is simply astonishing and it's good to know that more and more people clearly see right through the facade. Thanks!


I appreciate the feedback and happy to find a like mind, I have thrown around the idea of what the political scene is like behind the scenes counter to what the Presidents of Labor Unions recommend.This year forced a lot of eyes open, and recently gme and that piece by Time on election collusion, Those that know the truth easily outweigh establishment Liberal Progressives Soros etc. If we stand our ground and are brave, we win.

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Here are some parting Memes i've dug up, great finds that slid past the censorship algorithm. I have been waiting to share these with someone, those Memes are now forever immortalized and free from censorship on the #blockchain 😃









I'm sure it will be IPFSed soon.

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Absolute-Proof--Exposing-Election-Fraud-and-the-Theft-of-America/96793b8ce6c3e6a2f6314b53060414231e95b27a?r=Avnb9CE8xHHQ9TPsNSA4tk2XXKhze8fq)

LBRY : https://lbry.tv/@TRUMP2020#2/Absolute-Proof--Exposing-Election-Fraud-and-the-Theft-of-America#9

Odysee : https://odysee.com/@TRUMP2020#2/Absolute-Proof--Exposing-Election-Fraud-and-the-Theft-of-America#9

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@bittenapple - laughing hitler piccy! !

have you seen the Gateway Pundit's video of the ballot drop at the TGP center?

Is the video anywhere besides Rumble?


(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Absolute-Proof--Exposing-Election-Fraud-and-the-Theft-of-America/96793b8ce6c3e6a2f6314b53060414231e95b27a?r=Avnb9CE8xHHQ9TPsNSA4tk2XXKhze8fq)

you know a video is true if they delete it from Google.