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Hello Hive red carpet community, i hope i find you well today, i am here to share with you another creative fashion inspiration featuring my lovely liketu merch. As we all know as fashion lovers style in it self has evolved drastically and this and been really evident in today's society in all aspects of our social life from the streets to internet and even from experimentation from the mind, style inspiration are born from influence from these three listed above and even more.

Hola comunidad de la alfombra roja de la colmena, espero encontraros bien hoy, estoy aquí para compartir con vosotros otra inspiración de moda creativa feturing mi encantadora liketu merch. Como todos sabemos como amantes de la moda el estilo en sí mismo ha evolucionado drásticamente y esto ha sido realmente evidente en la sociedad de hoy en día en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida social desde las calles a internet e incluso de la experimentación de la mente, la inspiración de estilo nacen de la influencia de estos tres enumerados anteriormente y aún más.

In today's post i decided to share a look of styling my @liketu merch in different ways with depictions of event clothing appropiation and personal prefrence, i show you the different ways i would wear a white tee top with the liketu merch which add an extra hmmff, the styling of this pieces feature different type of clothing material and pattern , i hope you like and keep on reading

En el post de hoy he decidido compartir una mirada de estilo de mi @liketu merch de diferentes maneras con representaciones de la ropa de evento appropiation y prefrence personal, os muestro las diferentes formas en que llevaría una camiseta blanca con el liketu merch que añadir un hmmff extra, el estilo de estas piezas cuentan con diferentes tipos de material de la ropa y el patrón, espero que os guste y seguir leyendo

The Sexy look


The first outfit is a Sexy look with my liketu merch with a hot pants short to pair, this is an outfit i would wear to a night party or go clubbing with, you would see in the photos had created a different look with the tee, where i had made a scrunch and tucked it into the sides to make this look a lot sexy, this shows of a little of my belly area. I strongly believe a good ol' white tee can be style properly for events like night parties with this look.


El look sexy

El primer outfit es un look Sexy con mi liketu merch con un short hot pants a juego, este es un outfit que me pondria para una fiesta nocturna o para ir de discotecas, podreis ver en las fotos que he creado un look diferente con la camiseta, donde he hecho un scrunch y la he metido a los lados para hacer este look mucho mas sexy, esto muestra un poco de mi zona abdominal. Creo firmemente que una buena camiseta blanca puede ser el estilo adecuado para eventos como fiestas nocturnas con este look.

The All white Look


This look is called all white as it is paired with a white denim jean, the white tee is a good fit for this white skirt as it gives a really clean look, PS- a really good tip for a clean aesthetic look is to wear all white, i went ahead to style my liketu merch into a cropped top look, which looked a lot casual and simple.


El look blanco

Este look se llama todo blanco, ya que se combina con un jean denim blanco, la camiseta blanca es un buen ajuste para esta falda blanca, ya que da un aspecto muy limpio, PS- un muy buen consejo para una mirada estética limpia es usar todo blanco, me adelanté a estilo de mi liketu comerciante en un look top recortado, que parecía mucho casual y simple.

The Modest Look


As we all know modest wear has become very prominent in the fashion industry over the years, which is why i have chosen to incoporat a modest look for this initiative, i am paring the liketu merch with a very maxi blue skirt, this skirt is perfect for a modest alternative of styling th merch, in the past month i had worn this skirt on a picnic with modest wear as the style of the day, i think a picnic can be pulled of with the liketu tee which is style in a rather unique way, i had scrunched up the sides of the crop top i had creted earlier which now allowed the front of the tee to dip a little, if you ask me it almost gave a corset pattern illusion.


**El look modesto

Como todos sabemos la ropa modesta se ha convertido en muy importante en la industria de la moda en los últimos años, es por eso que he optado por incoporat un look modesto para esta iniciativa, estoy paring el liketu merch con una falda azul muy maxi, esta falda es perfecta para una alternativa modesta de styling th merch, en el mes pasado me había puesto esta falda en un día de campo con el desgaste modesto como el estilo del día, creo que un día de campo se puede tirar de la camiseta liketu que es el estilo de una manera bastante singular, que había arrugado los lados de la tapa de la cosecha que había arrugado earlaier que ahora permite que la parte delantera de la camiseta para hundir un poco, si usted me pregunta que casi dio una ilusión patrón de corsé.

The Netural Minimalist Look



The last look is called the Neutral minimalist featuring a black pair of skinny jeans to go with the liketu merch, it is called the Neutral minimalist because it is a combination of two neutral colours which are minimalistic in reputation, as time would have it the white and black look, especially of basic clothing types incorporated is timeless and popular at the same time, The white and black look are regularly acceptable colour combination for several carrier part, in modelling the white and black is soley acceptable for this like polaroids to capture natural looks, this is another basic clothing association with the liketu merch


El look minimalista neutro

El último look se llama el minimalista neutro con un par de pantalones pitillo negro para ir con el liketu merch, se llama el minimalista neutro, ya que es una combinación de dos colores neutros que son minimalistas en la reputación, como el tiempo lo tendría la mirada blanca y negro, especialmente de los tipos de ropa básica incorporada es atemporal y popular al mismo tiempo, El blanco y el negro mirada son regularmente aceptable combinación de colores para varios parte portadora, en el modelado del blanco y el negro es soley acceptabel para esto como polaroids para capturar las miradas naturales, esta es otra ropa básica asociación con el liketu merch

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this initiative, make sure to comment your favourite outfit in this four looks. I hope to see you again soon.

Grateful to liketu for gifting me this merch.


Me gustaría saber qué opinas de esta iniciativa, no dejes de comentar tu outfit favorito de estos cuatro looks. Espero volver a veros pronto.

Agradecida a liketu por regalarme este merch.

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 6 months ago  

Beautiful!!! I love the Modest Look❤️

Thank you very much @sofiaquino98 🙏, i am m really happy for your engagement on my content. I also love the modes look too.

You know? You gave me an idea that could surely be revolutionary in the Liketu Dapp, perhaps different clothing models could be created with the Liketu logo or, rather, with Liketu colors, it would be great to see designs on this theme!😉

By the way, you are beautiful and you have a lot of style, I wish I could see myself as thin as you, your body is seriously like a model😍

I know right!!? @iamsaray , A space like this where we inspire each is great, i am so glad this was able to inspire an initiative for the fashion community of hive, Thanks a lot for your compliments you are just too kind and you equally are beautiful , our individuality is what makes us uniqely special. Thanks again and much love ♥.