Killing it as always brother but this time you were really on fire!

The flip bs 50-50 was SO GOOD. Keep improving and sharing awesome content with us!

P.S. Editing was on point 🔥

Thank you brother !
I hope to skate together soon!

Oh and here is a slice of hot !PIZZA for my boy @dikayskate



@dikayskate! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @knowhow92.

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Looking so solid homie @dikayskate
what an insane place to skate!!!
for more vacations with spots like this..
shout outs 🔥

Thank you brother !
this square was the best square I skated!

I fw this heavy man!! Loved to have you here and hope to see you back soon

Thank you Leo, see you soon !
Keep shredding !

Broo all those lines were clean af! Btw incredible editing!

Thank you brother !!!