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What's up GNARly people?

A week ago Gnars community launched, a new social movement owned by the extreme sports community where athletes and creators earn money for content they create.


How Does It Work?

Content creators submit their extreme sports clips and photos, Gnars community votes on their favourite content and top voted content of the day gets featured in Daily Drop.


Extreme sports fans and the #Thatsgnarly community collect the Daily Drop via an open edition NFT auction for 0.0069 ETH/piece. 50% of ETH raised are going to content creator and the other 50% goes to Gnars.DAO Treasury.


Why Does It Matter

Athletes and content creators are incredibly under-supported in today's world. Most don't make any money, and the ones that do make a fraction of what they should.

That’s Gnarly is a new way for athletes and creators to earn money for their skills without having to sell themselves and their content out to a corporation. It empowers people to take ownership of whats rightfully theirs.

Fans around the world can support their favorite athletes and creators directly by collecting their favorite clips and getting their heroes paid directly.

We believe in a future where creatives can be paid the real value of their work and fans can support their favorite movements and heroes directly.

Extreme sports should be owned by the people, not Red Bull.


How To Participate

For Athletes and content creators

To participate connect your wallet on, click on "Create +
and submit your content. You can submit content via social links (IG, YT URL) or directly to platform.


For supporters

Connect your wallet on, vote on your favourite contents, engage with athletes and #thatsgnarly community and collect the Daily Drop Editions.


Join us on

We invite you all to participate in this extreme sports revolution!

The more people submitting content, upvoting, and collecting clips, the more people we can onboard, the more money GnarsDAO and athletes earn, and the more powerful this movement becomes.

If you wanna support what we're doing you can share the movement by sharing the website and Discord on Twitter/Instagram etc. as well as give us a follow on our social media.


Gnars are a new way to fund extreme athletes. We prefer a world where kids aren’t shilled energy drinks by their heroes. So as a community of action sports enthusiasts, we’ve formed a DAO to rethink how extreme sports people get sponsored.

Based on Nouns open source code and CC0 artwork, Gnars are stored fully on-chain on Ethereum with no external dependencies (not even IPFS), and each one represents a DAO vote. We’re changing the way extreme sport is funded as stewards of Nouns Athletes with backing from Nouns DAO.

Watch our Gnarly Trailer

Find us on

Social Media

...and don't forget to drop in our Discord channel by clicking on the banner bellow 👇

 2 months ago  

this is so awesome. to the hive community reading this: we at skatehive helped create this based on how hive works. tons of other daos are seeing what gnars is doing and they will follow this can only help hive as hive has been set up to operate like this from the beginning

Thanks for all the love #Skatehive fam!

 2 months ago  

Just rebloged and added it to our DOCs, thanks for the info !

Cheers Vlad!

gotta love @gnars ❤️💯 I´m sign in into that´s gnarly immediately!! hehe

See ya there homie!

 2 months ago (edited) 

@gnars I think I just make a post but I have no DAOS is that really matter or I can still participate with no DAOS? kkk

It's ok if you don't have a Gnar NFT and you did everything perfect bro, here's your entry :

Learn more about Thatsgnarly in our latest blog at our channel or at thatsgnarly FAQ!

Btw DAO stands for Autonomous Decentralized Organization meaning Gnars holders are in control of our treasury. You can learn more about it at our auctions page :

 2 months ago  

So many awesome stuff happening in web3 skateboarding! So stoked to be a part of the ever-growing revolution of Gnars!