SkateHive Clips Compilation - May 2021

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My left knee hurts like hell the past few weeks so I can't skate properly.

Thing is that I must share some skate clips on Instagram to promote my sponsor (@propagandask8) as well as Skatehive so I combined some of the best Skatehive clips I filmed during May 2021 into this short 30-second edit.

I'm sorry I can't shred like usual and share fresh clips but I'll be back soon and stronger than ever!

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Haris on FIRE 🔥💥
Sick bs 50-50
Awesome Tre and for the last crooked I have no words !!!


Thanks brotha ✌️

Dude how did you manage to make the in on that thing on 0:05? That's really f*cking high. You should try to land a crooked nollie heel out next time on that spot :)

love to see your clips, man

THanks a lot bro <3