Skatehive Fundraiser - Let's Raise $70 & Help "TWS Skate Crew" From Philippines Build A New Ledge

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What's up Skatehive Fam?

We've been quite the past couple of months without really giving out much info about what we're into and that's because we're preparing something HUGE for all of you and waiting for the right time to announce the news (coming soon).

One thing we can say though is that our Discord server is full of life, the numbers of subscribers, posts and engagement in Skatehive community keeps growing and @howweroll did a solid presentation of our future ideas/plans on Hive-Fest 2021 (Watch it here).

Working on something HUGE doesn't mean we can't organize other events and initiatives at the same time so we decided to turn the Skatehive "engine" on and help TWS Skate Crew from Philippines build a new ledge.

Let's Raise $70 & Help "TWS Skate Crew" From Philippines Build A New Ledge

Our main goal as Skatehive is to empower our community members and after a talk with @toffer, skater from Philippines and TWS Member we decided to help the guys over there build a new ledge from scratch since their current ledge is destroyed by termites.

That's how TWS Ledge looks like today and we're gonna change that 👇



No skater deserves to skate on that destroyed and dangerous ledge so let's fucking do this Skatehive fam!

How to help

The target is $70 and you can support this initiative in 3 ways

1) Upvote and Re-blog this post

Upvoting this post will help us raise $$ and re-blogging will help us reach more people thus reach our financial goal faster.

2) Tip Hive or HBD

You can tip Hive or HBD to this post and we'll send your donations to @toffer once this initiative is over (7 days from now).

3) Donate Hive or HBD to Skatehive

For the next 7 days, you can donate Hive or HBD to the @skatehive account and include the memo "Skatehive Fundraiser #1" so we can know you sent them funds for that cause.

If donations exceed $70, we're gonna store that extra $$ at @skatehive account and use them at our next community fundraising

All post payouts, tips and direct donations to @skatehive will be sent to @toffer once this post pays out (7 days from now) so TWS Skate crew can buy the materials they need and build their new ledge powered by Skatehive.

DIY Ledge built by TWS Skate Crew back in January 2021 🔨



This is the 1st of many Skatehive Community Fundraisers and hope you're as STOKED as we are about it!

You can contact any of the Skatehive Staff at our Discord channel and submit your own fundraising idea just like TWS Crew did.

Thank you all for taking the time reading this post and thanks in advance if you decide to donate and help us in our mission.
Until next time

The @Skatehive Team


About Skatehive

SkateHive is based on the anti-establishment roots of skateboarding, and is working at taking back control of our activities from the social media giants, who profit off the monopoly of our content.

SkateHive is build on top of decentralized platforms that allows us to own both our accounts, and our communities, which means rather than advertising on our content or selling users meta-data to generate value, we tokenize the likes, allowing us to retain the value generated by our content, for it to be sold on the free market in the form of a cryptocurrency.

This has allowed this humble community to self fund huge online Games of S.K.A.T.E, giveaways, rewards for contests, events, and even help skaters buy new equipment! Everyone is welcome in this community, so long as you are respectful to others.

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Here is a vote from our account!!!

Thanks a lot 😁

You are very welcome!

Daaaamn you guys are true warriors skating on this ledge!!
Here is my vote!!
I hope you guys build a new one soon!!! 🙏

Thanks for trusting us with your vote brother ✌️

Here is my vote, if we lived in the same place I would give you one, I have several in the cellar. But I support them

Thanks a lot for the vote and for the donation @zonaskatemx!

We're stoked someone like you is a part of our community! It really shows how much you love skate from your posts!


Thank you, I have the philosophy of thinking of "I will support in the same way that I would like to be supported" so you have to take the first step in supporting and then karma will return it.

Actually that's the best part about all of this is we can totally focus our efforts into something positive for the community and growing all of us a little bit at a time.

Phenomenal job.

Exactly @ganjafarmer and thanks a lot for the support ✌️

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Take my f*cking money guys hahaha!

Always feels good to support the Skatehive fam! Let's do this yooooooooooooooo!

I can vote with the pack! Here are some support! Support the community!!!


@knowhow92 as always man thanks for your always support since we meet here in the @Skatehive community. On behalf of my crew, we would to thank all you guys!

That's why Skatehive exists in the first place bro, to support each other as a community!

Hey man, just texted you on Discord! Can you take a look?

Checking man.

Voted! Love the initiative, good job ♥

Thanks a ton for the support @dfacademy 😁