Skatehive's "Skateboarding Photography" Contest - Earn Crypto for your creativity

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What's up #Skatehive fam?

Are you into skateboarding or photography (or both?)? Then stop what you are doing and keep reading this post. You are about to learn how you can earn crypto for your creativity!


Skateboard Photography Contest

Create a post including your favourite skateboarding moments caught on photo followed by a short description about each photo, share your post in Skatehive Skateboarding Community and earn Hive.

You can share skateboarding photos of you or photos you shot as long as they are related to skateboarding. Keep your post copyright free and keep this in mind - The higher your post's quality, the higher your chances of winning this contest.


You can sign up through the link bellow if you do not have a Hive account and want to participate :


Prize Pool : 50 Hive + 200 LBC

1st Place : 25 Hive + 100 LBC
2nd Place : 15 Hive + 50 lbc
3rd Place : 10 Hive + 50 LBC

Edit : @xvlad will be sponsoring this contest and added 200 LBC to the Prize Pool! Thanks a ton bro!


December 20, 2020

Good luck to every participant out there and #SKATEFORHIVE


Who are we?

We are a skateboarding community but we operate exclusively on decentralized social media platforms. We encourage our community members to use decentralized social media platforms like #Hive and #LBRY so they can monetize their content, earn crypto and never again having to worry about censorship.

Our primary goal is to build an autonomous wolrdwide entity of skaters supporting each other so join us and together let's work our way to decentralization and independency.

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perf, bros!