Vote for Skatehive's next CSOTW in the Skatehive Discord

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What's up Skatehive fam?

Yeap, it's this time. The time you get to choose who's gonna be Skatehive's next Cyber Skater Of The Week (CSOTW).

Vote for Skatehive's next CSOTW

Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg

Our nominators for this week are @unorgmilitia and @inzuka and it's on you to decide who gets to be Skatehive's next CSOTW by voting in the #csotw-voting channel at the Skatehive Discord

The poll will run until Wednesday (21/7) and we'll announce the results via a Peakd and Odysee post on Thursday (22/7).

Easy, fair and simple, right?

Find @unorgmilitia on

Find @inzuka on

Everyone, click on the banner bellow, join the Skatehive Discord and vote for Skatehive's next CSOTW

Skatehive Discord

What's in it for our new CSOTW?

For 14 days, Skatehive Team will stake 30,000 LBC as Support to our CSOTW Odysee channel as well as nominate his/her #Peakd posts for an OCD upvote worth $10+

How can I become a CSOTW ?

Everyone has an equal chance of becoming next week's CSOTW. All you have to do is

  • Be an active member of the Skatehive Discord server
  • Engage with the community in both Peakd and Odysee Skatehive posts
  • Create and share original skateboard content on Peakd and Odysee on a weekly basis

It's ok to mongo push, you still can be our CSOTW haha


What we want to achieve

We want to strengthen the bonds between our community members and create our own decentralized skateboarding "universe".

We would like to remind you that our movement is not focused in earning money with your skateboard content

The main goal of Skatehive is to spread the decentralized culture in the global skateboarding community and help every skater make it's project come true by utilizing the benefits of open source communities.

We are skateboarders, we seek for change

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About Us

SkateHive is based on the anti-establishment roots of skateboarding, and is working at taking back control of our activities from the social media giants, who profit off the monopoly of our content.

SkateHive is build on top of decentralized platforms that allows us to own both our accounts, and our communities, which means rather than advertising on our content or selling users meta-data to generate value, we tokenize the likes, allowing us to retain the value generated by our content, for it to be sold on the free market in the form of a cryptocurrency.

This has allowed this humble community to self fund huge online Games of S.K.A.T.E, giveaways, rewards for contests, events, and even help skaters buy new equipment! Everyone is welcome in this community, so long as you are respectful to others.

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The Revolution Has Started.

Will You Be A Part Of It?

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Thanks for the love LBRY

 10 months ago  

Good luck to both @inzuka and @unorgmilitia! Love both your content but I can vote for only 1 person so...

Thanks man! It's an honor just to be nominated!! I told my skate fam from Facebook to join the discord and vote.. so if they pull through I might stand a chance!

I didnt even know i would get this chance! It really just like you said is an honor being nominated and i hope you enjoyed my clips that much but @unorgmilitia got some great photos! I love your posts, so lets see!😉