I am so happy to see new projects launching here
Good Luck

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Thanks a lot @cristina-zac ❤️

I love this community and I am so glad I found steemit and got to see the evolution of and migration of steemskate to skatehive. Super happy to have you here pushing us forward!

Super happy to have you with us brother and thanks for the kind words!

Skaters United

so sick thanks for the help

Hey @rckmtl thanks for the tip and welcome to skatehive

thanks for the welcome, I didn't know there was a skater community on hive! the logo is cool too!

Thank you! You can also find us in our Discord and connect with the community. Here's the link :

I am so happy to see this. Good luck, Skateboarders!

I was surprised to see so many members in this community... and it just might help my daughter get more into Hive (and skating, which she does actually really enjoy). Cheers! 😀

@sydney.potts (You've been tagged!)


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