Well, these photos are fucking AWESOME

Thanks man, the clicks are made by my girlfriend. I'm going to bring her to peakd to show her skate pics! 🙏📸💥

Awesome, yes please do get her on the platform sharing her photography 😁

 3 years ago  

Always Kickflip at nights hehehe! Loved the slomo tre dude, so clean and big!

RIP Spot

Helll yeah, it is sooo better to kickflips at night... hahaha
Thanks Bro!! 🙏 🙌

 3 years ago  

Anytime man!

Here's a slice of hot Hive !PIZZA

Pizza is always great after a session haha!



@unhurried! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @knowhow92.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/10)

caralho, leleo!!! Essas fotos tão animais, e as tricks como? levin!

Aaaa bixo a Anairam é braba, sempre que posso eu aplico a marreta nas fotos da sessão kkkkkkk
Po mano vc ia curtir o piquinho, era animal!!

brabissima!!! me amarro no trampo dela há uns anos já hahahha
cheguei a andar 1 rolezin lá, deu pra render mas nao tanto. saudades!

Destruction of the ramps was a very nasty government action. A destruição das rampas foi uma ação muito escrota do governo

Yeah man exactly, they suck! 😢

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RIP Spot🙏🔥

Sad days man, but we find anothe ones!!!