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Part 2 of the familia sessions with @tpc.

zack goulet front crook
zack goulet front feeble

it snowed a good 7 inches the day before I headed back to chicago so i went downtown

minneapolis for a snowskate session.

since im the only one who has a snowskate, i did the session by myself.


it was super fun.

the pedestrians who were

shoveling the sidewalks

and such, were very hyped to see me out there snowskating.
it gave me a good workout and i felt amazing afterwards like i used to after sledding as a kid.

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Skills for days man, rail killer! Fs feeble and Bs Lip were amazing! Loooong Bs Tail at the end!

Snowskate looks so much fun! Never actually tried it haha! Yousnowskate with a regular skate board?

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no its a Hovland snowskate.

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 11.09.56 PM.png
thanks for watching my edit.
i appreciate the back lip comment. that was the hardest one for sure.
thanks for noticing that.

Glad you can still skate even if it’s snowing 😆 is snow skating faster and more slippery? I’m kind of trying to imagine as I find ice skating faster and more slippery than inline but don’t have much experience with skateboards.

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its way slower. you cant really "push" the snowskate. you kind of have to just throw it down running, and jump on the thing. its also really hard to turn on one. i find it difficult. snowskates are a new invention. there are different variations, like ones with the single ski on the bottom. its a cool way to emulate skateboarding in a whimsical way, to help get through the winter season.
thanks for the comment

epic snowskate session! hahaha it's not something you see every day at @web-gnar blogins.
Third clip from the edit was f huge! yes I'm talking about the bs disaster, such a good pop from this dude on that one.
Zack's moves on the red rail were starkly amazing...

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thank for the kind words ser