SKATEHIVE KALAMAZOO! - a mission to a small town with few uber cabs and lots of gnarly skatespots

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a weekend trip to kalamazoo michigan with nice weather and good food.

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found a spot on the university campus.
josh whiting is the filmer,hes good.

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he also helped beta test quest for stoken.
i saw a ton of handrails.

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very thankful i was able to shred this warm day.
this trip was cool i went with non-skaters but they were fun to hang out with.


we rode the amtrack train from chicago to kalamazoo.
i like riding the train but the 2 hour journey is kind of a perfect amount of time to be on the train.


it takes 4 hours to ride to Detroit, a city i have not been to but think that would be fun to do.
that is all for now.
keep your quest for stoken alive



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Daamn guys, i love the edit!!
Tre flip was perfect but i prefer fs flip(swith drop was crazy)...
What a spot, i hope to visit Kalamazoo some day!!

 5 months ago  

thanks for the reply!
yeah it wasn't too steep. it was built like a skatepark bank. something you do not see very often. i was surprised i did the backside flip. i had to absorb some vitamin D along with it. i'm not sure what else kalamazoo has to offer besides some unique skatespots but that is alone, a reason to make a weekend trip there

Fav skateboarding channel ever dude I swear! so f gnarly as that hadrail's end.

 5 months ago  

❤️ thank you for the kind words
yes those kinks at the end of the handrail are gnarly!
i wanted to crook the rail but the run up was way off. had to come at it at pretty much a 90 degree angle.

What a good spot Kalamazoo has🔥🎥

 5 months ago  

i know! i googled skatespots in kalamazoo and it came up. i'm thankful the dudes i was with were down to spectate a solo session!