Strange Warm Daze - Losing my mind and landing tricks

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I did some skateboarding and it was fun.

I had kind of a gnarly weekend. i lost track of what day it was and really fucked up my life in a way.
but you dont want to hear about that
so ill just ramble on about what else plagues my mind at the moment.

output-onlinegiftools (1).gif
bummed on quest for stoken because i can't get the kickflip animation to play

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 9.23.41 AM.png

The video is a combination of two sessions.


One at a skatepark in Deerfield Illinois and the other in downtown Chicago.

here is a photo i saw of me online, leaking all my footage onto instagram.

all of the leaks were properly filmed on a VX and i we were all happy that @jaydeemedia got his camera to work.

the other dude at the skatepark is @hazylogic

my friends dont use hive blog to post anything because the user interface is too over their heads.

i want to fix this by making an app that posts onto 3speak and into the skatehive community.

we are working on that at here at skatehive
and we are going to launch our token some day whenever we figure


here is me trying to figure out why this rail would not slide


Thats all she wrote this week boys!
oh yeah
@xvlad hit me up last minute to make a @skatehive POAP for his event in Rio

skatehive poap.png

webgnar footer fin.png

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you are a f*ckin' genius Zack!

 5 months ago  

lol why do you say that?

Dude, I see your crooked grinds and when I think @web-gnar can't twisted my mind any more your art comes to my screen...
stoken got an amazing digital designer 😤

 5 months ago  

Rippin as always man! Loved that Crooked save haha! POAP looks sick!

 5 months ago  

that save surprised me as well