Quest For Stoken - Released! Open to the public on GX GAMES. web-gnar studio update #102

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The @skatehive community has released a video game.

quest for stoken thumb animated.gif

Quest For Stoken is live.



How To Play

The only barrier to entry is needing the Opera browser to play.

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 8.52.49 PM.png


You can see @knowhow92's incredible hive game review of Quest For Stoken

quest for stoken knowhow92.png

Thank you so much for doing that, @knowhow92! You did such a proper job! For a designer, is very beneficial to see how other people play your game. I encourage people to record themselves playing QFS and post the videos online!


quest for stoken small.gif

Work in Progress

The game is still in Alpha stage, the stage prior to Beta.
I am working on this game myself as I am learning to code.
My friend @gnarip12345 is doing the same.
His game will be copied into my game and be able to be accessed from that orange portal with a rock border in the lower left hand corner of that GIF animation.

space raider tokarz.gif
@gnarip12345's game. His idea is to have the player progress from caveman to spaceman as the game goes on. My idea, which might be easier for me to make instead of changing the players sprite, is to make the spaceman an enemy of the alien world level. at the end of the alien dimensional rift is an American Space man. which makes you question if the government is hiding or looking for UFOs lol.

How did I make it?

I used a tutorial on Udemy to create Quest For Stoken.
The gameplay is quite smooth, but there are some concerns I have with the code I copied, that might prevent or make more difficult, modifications to things the player can do.

I am now begining to attach code from other tutorials that I find. I am becoming more aware of what the code does and now to read it. I am thinking about adding a gun to the game, if not for the player, for enemies. I also am thinking about adding Wall-Jump to the game and displaying a Boneless sprite. This will require me to add code to specific areas in time regarding movement.


The main thing QFS is missing is skateboarding. The only trick you can do is ollie and kickflip, when you are swinging the sword in the air.

I want the second jump to be a random_range(of 3-5 different flip trick sprites);

I also want there to be ledges and rails that you can grind.

I encountered a bug when trying to get the second jump to play the kickflip sprite.

quest for stoken kickflip.gif

The animation only plays the first two frames, flipping between the two while the player is in the air.

I worry that this had something to do with the foundation of code in how I coded the players movement. I await assistance from the teacher of the Udemy course on how to debug this.

The ability to collect and save high scores is functional.
This can be implemented into GX GAMES "challenges" and display GX GAMES users high scores, of points and time duration. I want to get this functioning first, and then look towards purchasing a paid version of Game Maker to export the game as a standalone .exe

Hive community game dev

The Hive community vision-idea is to have this game hosted on the @stoken tribe website, when that launches.
To that, I would say Gnar studios is ahead of schedule on Quest For Stoken in that the game is quite fun to play according to the people who have tried it.
Please try the game and give me feedback!

qfs cover art.png

Ideally I want to make this a play-to-earn game powered by Hive.
I want to collaborate with @gnars / @gnars.dao as well. I want to make a gnars dao secret level and have gnars characters you can talk to and have @xvlad as a boss in that level.

If it is powered by @gnars they might see incentive to assisting with the publication fees for Nintendo Switch and those platforms. It might be quite cool to have a game on all major platforms with a @gnars.dao easter egg in it. There might not be play-to-earn aspects to the console versions just yet.

Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 1.39.28 PM.png

Controller support is in the code. I am thinking about selling these custom painted controllers that come with a download code for the game. I think that would be a cool new way to distribute a game.

If it were me over there at @gnars, i would back a creative endevor such as this.

I love hearing people's ideas for the game and making those ideas a reality! Game development is really exciting to me right now, and I wonder how far in this direction I will go in life now. It has me pretty excited.

Is this in vain? let me know in the comments!

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 4 months ago  

Dude so happy to see this game coming to life! Respect!

So stoked to be the first person recording a gameplay video, thanks so much for the opportunity, it was an honor!

Did a new high score earlier today but have yet to reach the final level! Stoken lots of fires though hahaha!

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Down loading Opera browser right now, can´t wait to play with such crispy gnarly graphics hehe 🤙🔥

 3 months ago  

yo! whats up! you play?

so f rat yo! love it, but scince I'm not really a gamer, in fact I have never play a video game in my computer before, I can´t even make the first level hahahaha 😂 I'm thinking about making a space in my blog to share my progres as a skate gamer from now on and share my path thrugh stoken game hehe also love opera browser man! so dinamic

 3 months ago  

have you played the game?

 3 months ago