Some Tricks of mine from Nogenta Latest movie

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Brother all the incredible tricks and amazing spots I loved that last one nollie nosemanual nollie flip out 🤓

killing it as a boss @xvlad 🔥 breaking the glass was epic!! lol 🤣💥
that 3 ollie line on those stairs looks huge and the down hill seems to be so rad, so stoked on seen you skating!!

 2 months ago (edited) 

YES MAN! Haven't seen some Vlad footage for some time now, needed my dose! Dope LBRY beanie Ollies and signature Nollieflip out of that manny dude!

anda muito!

Aquelas aulas e palestras ! 🔥

Killing it @xvlad!!!

 2 months ago  

nosemanual nollie flip was tits