3 days ago  

that back smith to backside shuv was crazy.
dude do you skate for DEATH skateboards of the UK?

Thank you bro ❤️ and yeah i skate for them but flow team not on the official team but went on trip to them a few months ago and slept at marc nicolson his house i love those dudes

 2 days ago  

thats rad!

 4 days ago  

Bro that was so good, you straight up ripping! That last 180 fakie manny fakie 180 flip was so fucking good! Wanna see clips from your battle with that 50-50 haha! Bail after the part was brutal and loved the story of this clip!

Thank you brotha! Yeah i battled that one for an hour i think, the kink rail was a 4hours sesh, when im moved i will make a raw edit from the bails 👊

 4 days ago  

Welcome brooo !!

Thank you ❤️
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