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I decided that it would be fun to create accounts. My HP was at 2600; so I borrowed another $100 last week and bought enough HIVE to bring my account to 3025 ( 5.87MM Resource Credits).

A funny thing happened yesterday: Apparently a pod of whales had a feeding frenzy and they drove the cost of claiming accounts to 13 MM; So I had to wait a day to start claiming accounts.

Apparently, I can claim an account every five days. I would like to have a half dozen accounts claims on hand. That way I could hold a class on using HIVE or give free accounts as part of the presentation.

Personally, I think the free account is kind of silly. It only costs 3 hive to create and account. The price is under a dollar. But people seem to like free things. So, I will enjoy having some free accounts to give out ... even if the monetary value is low.

Speaking of meetings. I would love to host or attend a meeting about free market health care reform. If anyone was interested in such a meeting, I will have some "free" HIVE accounts to hand out.

I created the account using this HiveSigner line:

This is the transaction:

I guess the next challenge is figuring out how to actually create accounts. I suspect I can do it with Hive Invite


Hi there, you can request free hive accounts on the @hivemexico website at 😀

You can also claim accounts tickets using your RC for free at (enter your posting key, then claim accounts with your active key, as always, our website don't store any information).Or claim here: with your active key.

It's in spanish but you can translate. Or just contact me on discord or here to create accounts for you. ritch#6321 (discord)


Thanks for the information. I like that @HiveMexico allows people to request a temporary 15 HP delegation when they request a new account. That is a sweet touch. Hopefully they actively engage with the accounts they create.

I believe that the goal of the discount claim system is to create a huge number of entry points for the system.

Blocktrades shows that HiveMexico has 2 pending accounts. Some of the whales (like tipu and esteemap) have thousands. Blocktrades has 72,830 claims. Why do they need this many?

I think that onboarding is best done on an individual basis. The big corporate accounts leave people feeling cold. That's why I decided to bite the bullet and start collecting the tokens on my own.

It's great you help people. The account with the tickets of Hivemexico is @alebrijes (144 claims), not to much as the whales like appreciator or blocktrades 😀 The whales like blocktrades are selling accounts (it was a business).

Yep, we delegate from 15 to 100 HP to some active users.