Creating Coming Soon Links on HIVE

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I want the Review the World Community to be a place to talk about link development. So, I decided to change the rules.

I open this community for people to discuss link building strategies on their personal site. A great question is: How do you promote HIVE on your site?

The RTW community now has one and only one rule: No Spam!

Yes, I realize Spam is relative.

A good distinction between Spam and a real post is that a real post should actually say something useful for people on HIVE.

For example, I was thinking about how one would create links for a serialized work on HIVE. I suspect that many people have the same problem. They want to link to a page that doesn't exist yet.

So, I wrote up a post about creating a "coming soon" page as an interim link: The image uses the Armonela Font from


I decided to make an attempt at writing a book on HIVE.

I want each chapter to link to the next chapter, but this leads to a problem. The next chapter doesn't exist yet. How do I link to something that doesn't exist yet?

This question brings up a second issue. A HIVE post only gets an award in its first seven days. HIVE is a wonderful system. This seven day reward window is a known limitation.

So, my solution is to do the following:

I will create a web page on my personal site for each chapter of the book. The web pages will start as a splash page with the text "Coming Soon." The page will also have a link to my HIVE account.

Each chapter of the book will end with a link to the next chapter.

This page on my site will start with the "Coming Soon" blurb with a link to my HIVE account so that the reader could see the progress on the book.

After publishing a chapter, I will rush back to my web site and change the chapter page to a 307 redirect to the newly generated Hive URL.

This page is coded so that it will url forward to the HIVE post. After seven days, the page will start automagically show the chapter on my web site.

This way I can milk the HIVE community for all that it is worth and then switch to milking my advertisers.

(Editors Note: replace the word "milk" with an acceptable euphemism before posting on HIVE.)

The pseudo code for my link scheme is as follows:

If new:
  Display "Coming Soon Page"
If in seven day window:
  URL forward with a 307 Redirect to the Hive Post
After Seven Day Window:
  Display the Text on my site.

I will use this structure for the work I titled The Two Sides of the Coin .

This is a work that I just started. I will hard code the HTML for each page manually using PHP. If things work out, I will end up sending traffic to HIVE during the seven day active window, after which my site will be perceived by search engines as the canonical source of the book.

So, I am starting chapter one. This page should say "coming soon" until my HIVE post is up. It will URL redirect to the HIVE post for seven days, then start showing the full text of the chapter after that.