Daily Grind #60: Switching Decks Again

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Welcome to the weekly edition of my "Daily Grind" series of blogs. The past few days have been a rocky road for me when choosing what style and archetype I should play. I tried a lot of card combinations on my Nature deck but it seems that it still lacks some good cards (legendary cards). But even without that legendary card, my deck is still decent in Midnight Shadow. With that being said, in this edition of the weekly "daily grind" I switched decks a lot. I think I got 5 aggro decks and 2 control decks (all nature). But playing them sparingly makes me think that it only gets worse. Maybe I should stick to 2 or 3 solid archetypes.

Switching decks every match (because I am not satisfied even in a win) got me into a 4-6 record on today's daily play & earn.

Featured Match

In this featured match I am matched up against a pesky Midrange Deception deck.

God Power: Animal Bond


When I am against any Deception deck I am always looking for my removal cards for the first turn (such as Canopy Barrage and Lightning Strike)

1 Mana

My opponent played The Hollow,I played Canopy Barrage to remove the ward of The Hollow.

2 Mana

My opponent played Nightleaft Trapper and put order on The Hollow. I gambled by playing my second Canopy Barrage and hoping that it would hit The Hollow instead of Nightleaf Trapper. I was lucky that it hit The Hollow. I played Sanctum Guardian.

3 Mana

My opponent played Stoneskin Poioson on my Sanctum Guardian and went face. I played Moonlight Charm.

4 Mana

My opponent used his god power and played Best Friends. I used Moonlight Charm on my Sanctuam Guardian to make it 3/4. I killed Nightleaf Trapper using Sanctum Guardian. I used my god power to summon 1/2 Badger

5 Mana

My opponent played Satyr Hypnotist and used his good power. He killed my Sanctum Guardian using Nightleaf Trapper. I used my god power, I used Moonlight Charm to buff 1/2 Badger and became 3/4. I made a mistake in using my remaining mana gem, I played Faeflame Blade to kill Satyr Hypnotist.

5.1 Mana

My opponent played Guild Enforcer. I used Lightning Strike to kill Guild Enforcer. I used my god power. I got Nightleaf Trapper from the Sanctum.

6 Mana

My opponent played Blood and Bone. My opponent killed the 3/4 Badger using Piercing Bold and Hunting Trap. I played Vanir Lion to buff the Badger and made it 3/2. I used Guerilla Training on Badger. I went face.

6.1 Mana

My opponent used his god power and played Revenant Lynx. I went face using Faefame Blade to trigger "frenzied". I played Sudden Bloom to buff Badger to 8/7 with twin-strike and overkill, the first attack of the Badger went face, and then my second attack killed Revenant Lynx. I went face using Vanir Lion reducing my opponent's HP to 4 and it's GG.

Opponent's Deck

Deck Code

My Deck

Deck Code

Victory # 2

Note: I forgot to record two of my victories

That is all for now guys, catch you up with the next one. Wishing you all safety, good health, and abundance.

Thank you very much to all of the Hive Ecosystem Curation Teams/Individuals, I am very grateful for the upvotes/curation/support. God bless you all!

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Hi, great finish with "Sudden Bloom" and "Guerrilla Training", nice game.👍👍👍

Thank you.

Great game! I'm also trying out different archetypes, but I think playing not a lot of archetypes is good.

but I think playing not a lot of archetypes is good.

I agree.