My Thoughts on New God Powers

in Gods On Chain7 months ago (edited)

Gods Unchained announced a new GP change. It will start on Oct 25th, when Tides of Fate, the new set, will be announced. In this post, I will be talking about the God Powers.



I think Light got the least change from the 6 gods. Summon Acolyte is same, so I think there will be more Aggro Light decks. Radiance is same as Lysander's Mercy, but it was changed to make it easier to read. Heal 2 is the same since you rarely want to heal your opponent's creatures.



As expected, they removed Slayer and added Fracture. It deals 1 damage to a damaged creature. this GP would be good to use in a Control deck, finishing opponent's creatures. Enrage is same, and Valka's Presence(name) was changed to Raid to make it easier to read.



They removed Selena's Mark and added Create. It was a good GP since you can heal, use as removal, and deadly against Hidden Rush Deception. Create seems okay, but it looks expensive(3 mana). Flourish got expensive but it gives regen +1, so there might be a little boost to Regen Nature.


Soul Burn is same, Sacrifice got name change, and they removed Blood Ritual. Blood Ritual can destroy a 1 health creature, even if they had protected and armor, and even heals for 1. Instead, they added Ignite which gives burn +1 for 1 mana. It doesn't look good because burn happens at the end of the turn, so it's going to be slow.


Many changed in Deception's GP. Flip is changed that you can't just shuffle bad cards that you just drew. Thievery is 3 mana but it delves a 1 mana spell, so you can get better cards. Stealth (Orpheo's Distraction) is also 3 mana, and it only hides a creature for 1 turn. Overall, Deception's God Powers became more expensive.


Clear Mind is Nerfed to Foresee 1. Magebolt stays the same so I think it is one of the best GPs. Pallas' Genius got out, and Overcharge gives Spell boost +1 until the end of turn for 2 mana. I think it's an okay GP because +1 damage for 2 mana consistently is nice.


Overall, I like the change, especially removing Slayer GP. However, I think some of the gods got less good GPs, but we will have to find out with the new card sets.

Also, they changed Echocaster's text, so there's no Echocaster Combo decks!


Fracture makes me excited, the problem is that no more face damage for war decks. Nature is already reeling, so why did they remove Selena's Mark (I am a bit disappointed on this one). Without Selena, nature became weaker against HRD.

I agree. Aggro War got hit pretty hard, and Aggro Nature decks got weaker(except regen and a few wild decks).

But, there will be few HRD decks because stealth costs 3 mana.

good changes. slayer good that's it gone. not fun playing against that.

Selenas mark good change. i'm loving the create will make control nature strong!

yeah those 2 changes are the good ones.

things are looking up for GU hopefully this is where they make a comeback~