Playing Strength Steal Deception

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I haven't been playing GU much lately, but this deck seems to be really fun for me. This deck is a Strength Steal Deception Deck(according to GUDecks), and it is a really budget deck that costs around $24 currently. The WR is also 50% which is also decent. However, I would rent some more expensive cards if I want to be competitive.



This deck has a lot of small combos that is in this deck. Crooked Quartermaster has a lot of combos with most of the low cost creatures in this deck. But it also requires to play Guild creatures, so I'm running Iron-tooth Goblin instead of Counterfeit. You can also use Shore Leave to generate more value.

Another combo is A Toast to Peace and Sartonian Spymaster. A Toast to Peace makes the cost of Sartonian Spymaster 0 which makes it free to play.

For the 4 mana creature, you can choose to add 3/5 Frontliner that adds bombs for opponent's unused mana.

At the high cost range you have 2 Ember Oni, 2 Witherfinger and 1 Charm and Polyhymnia. Adding a 9 mana creature can be bad if you draw it early, but at the endgame it pays off.


This game is a really long battle against Nature. The opponent seems to be not playing until 5 min 30 second into the battle.

5 Mana

They finally play a creature, but Blade Borrower makes its strength 0. Also I use Shore Leave to return Diligent Architect and Blade Borrower back.

5.5 Mana

Guerilla training is not a really good card for me now. I use Echo of Blade borrower and play it again after playing Crooked Quartermaster and I get a Stoneskin Poison.

6 Mana

I use the structure from Diligent Architect and use Stoneskin Poison against the growing creature.

6.5 Mana

CTI reveals basically nothing, and I use Blade borrower since I have 2 of it. The structure's ability also gives it +3 strength.

7 Mana

I was planning to use A Toast to Peace but Since they gave it +2 mana this turn, I use Blade Borrower + Shore Leave combo to reduce the creature's strength. It doesn't work well against Nature and Light, but that was my move.

7.3 Mana

They get a big 8/8 but I get Shore Leave again which gives me an opportunity to reduce more creature's strength. I was able to make the 8/8 get -2 strength and make opponent's strength to 0.

7.6 Mana

Burn +6 is added to the structure and it would die in 2~3 turns. But I gave +3 strength to my 1/1 which takes down 6/8. I kill the badger using my GP and sends Blood in the Water away with second CTI.

8 Mana

The Badger goes to the wrong creature which makes my gameplay different than I planned to(Toast+Spymaster).

8.25 Mana

I use Hunting Trap and finally uses A Toast to Peace and plays 2 6/6.

8.5 Mana

I make a misplay which makes the enemy 5/6 alive, but I am still able to steal the enemy relic removal.

8.75 Mana

I get a free Divine Coronet from Diligent Architect, and I'm able to play the board. The next card from my opponent is not really great.

9 Mana

Henver is a strong end. However, against Deception it is less powerful and I have all the answer ready. Next turn I'm planning to remove the ward with Primal Guidance and kill it by Hunting Trap.

9 Mana

Another big 9-drop and now we're in trouble. I have a lot of single-target removal but I need to remove the ward from Henver. Instead of relying on 50% chance, I play safe with Hunting Trap and Witherfingers. Getting the Svart Basilisk from the Sanctum is also important.

9 Mana

Polyhymnia still dies to Henver, so I remove it by Imperious Smite. I try to take less damage by playing the last Blade Borrowers.

9 Mana

They have no card on their hand but they have Create GP and I only have 3 health left. I finally play Polyhymnia. Getting a Transform spell from Create such as Grass Roots is GG for me, so that was really anxious turn.

9 Mana

Raptune Dance clears the board. I also get +2 regen card for backup.

9 Mana

Blessing of Nature gives Polyhymnia more health, so I play it, and remove the enemy creature.

9 Mana

That 2/4 with regen deals damage to my god, so I took it down quickly. I almost milled a card by Blood and Bone, but I got Aspect of the Axolotl which is a pretty useless card for most of the time.


I really think Strength Steal Deception is the main budget option to experience control type decks since there are more 7 mana options than the other domains without using the expensive Neutrals. Only playing Aggro is not really fun when it is repeated.


This is a pesky deck. It can stall an opponent using Cutthroat Insight, Fighting Fair, A Toast To Peace, and Witherfingers.

A solid deck, adding ToF cards looks interesting. I thought about Strength Stealing Control Deception but then discovered that aggro Strength Stealers work well too.

This WR was success (unlike the previous one), starting in Auric and ending on Ethereal. Some luck also was on my side. The last version:

Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 08-32-30 Aggro Deception Deck GUDecks.png


Selfless Guildmate can win the game when you have a Sanctum card allowing you to choose a card from your deck, the Trial Begins.

Lokian stops relics (great vs War).

It looks very interesting!