Dread Awakening Pack Opening - Gods Unchained

Hello mortal Gods Unchained players

The new card set Dread Awakening is online and you can get new powerful cards. I'm not crazy about buying cards from new expansions but I want at least a few packs.

Opening Packs

I bought 18 packs and here is what I got. One rare pack cost $4.50 with the current 10% discount. CopperPitch once calculated if it's a good idea to buy epic or legendary packs and he came to the conclusion that you get the most from simply rare packs. I will write about the cards where I get an idea how to use them or cards I like.

Pack 1

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 1

I already got my first card with the Dreadtouched mechanic and a golden card. I'm happy to see some guild cards that could probably fit into my Deception deck. The Catacomb Pariah could be like a little board clear in round 3 or 4.

Pack 2

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 2

I'm not sure about the nether cards but The Nocturnal seems good. Also Lash Out could change the dynamic in a round to my favor.

Pack 3

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 3

When I saw the Gate of Souls, Anubians came into my mind immediately. The opponent can't bring them back with this card. I like the Lab Specimen with a solid 5/5 body and blitz.

Pack 4

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 4

I saw the Dread Rising in a video from CopperPitch before. I will see how it will work exactly. Of Two Minds looks nice, especially when you get both with dreadtouched.

Pack 5

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 5

I didn't play a deck with the Chosen One yet, but Fist of Dread looks strong in combination with that. Sleepwalker could help with Zoo decks or Zombie decks. The Restless Bellkeeper is another good card for my current Deception deck. It would also fit into a Mayday deck to bring back Admiral Mayday.

Pack 6

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 6

I can see good synergy with Staff of Aberration in Nature decks. With Dreaconic Priestess we get more Dragons. I bet with the other Dragons we already have, we will see more Dragon decks.

Pack 7

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 7

With one mana cost, Mire Walker seems solid. Font of Initiation gives more power to Light decks.

Pack 8

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 8

Besides Valknir Carving I got these cards already in previous packs.

Pack 9

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 9

Forbidden Knowledge and Swamp Witch are working with Elderytch Mysteries. I have to read about these cards and what they do.

Pack 10

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 10

Hollow Form looks strong but I don't think you have enough creatures on the board at mana level 8. Writing Wolfpack is a good clear for the extremely buffed creature from your opponent.

Pack 11

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 11

I like Carrion Nester, another card for Dragon decks. Blotted Kraken could be slow, but if you lower the mana cost below 5 it could be a strong creature. Worship looks like the Light version of Perseverance.

Pack 12

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 12

Another nice Dragon card with Brood Parasite. I will try to build a Dragon deck soon with all these nice cards. I know the other cards already.

Pack 13

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 13

I love to see Cornered Howler in my Nature deck. I'm not sure about the other cards.

Pack 14

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 14

More cards to uncover Elderytch Mysteries.

Pack 15

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 15

Nothing new.

Pack 16

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 16

Same here, nothing new.

Pack 17

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 17

Again, no new cards in this pack.

Pack 18

Gods Unchained - Dread Awakening - Pack 18

This pack also doesn't have any new cards.

Thanks for reading. What cards did you get out of this expansion?


I had 4807 cards in total with a value of $709 and increased it to 4967 cards with a value of $852. The most valuable card is still Pyramid Warden.

Now last time

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I can't believe the new packset has dropped already. I only had 3 games last night in the league of dreams. I'm not sure if I just buy single cards as that works easiest for me. I can't wait to find out the new meta cards.

I'm selling some of the cards where I got more than 2.

I hope it was nice and profitable!

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