Buying, Selling and Improving Decks

Hey guys, I previously have written a post about Forging Profits in Gods Unchained and how to improve your deck, and today I wanna show you the results that I got by doing so myself.

This is what I'll cover here:

  • Forging Profits: What did I sell?
  • My Account Value from F2P
  • What Did I buy and Why
  • I am entering a Tournament

Forging Profits: What did I sell

So first of all, to find the cards I wanted to forge to sell I used Token Trove to browse and find those cards. On Token Trove in the Gods Unchained page, I use this configuration to look for cards I might wanna sell.

  • Quality: Meteorite
  • Set: Core

Most of your cards, if you are a Free to Play player such as I, will be core and Meteorite is the quality that you will be forging, so that's the price that really interests you.

Now, if you don't wanna sell any cards from a specific god that you like to play, you can search by God, or by Rarity if you want to focus on that. Anyway using the filters on Token Trove you can go right where you want to be, and after that you just need to go to your Gods Unchained Forge, and do it!

Forge the cards that seems profitable for you, meaning that the price of selling them is higher than the price of the $GODS used to make them in the first place. Take into consideration that FLUX is used as well, and that means you have to consider the time and effort to gather that Flux as well.

Let me show you the cards I forged to sell, and a little bit of why I choose those.

You can see the Selling Price and Date in the cards, and mostly I sold cards that I either had lots of copies of it, or that I had no use for it. In this case all the Nature cards were of no use to me, since I don't play any Nature, and the War cards I had extra.

You can see that with as little as 8 cards sold, I managed to make a good amount of money that I can use to improve my decks and keep grinding further on the Weekend Ranked and Blessing of the Gods event.

My Account Value from F2P

As I was going to check the value of my cards on Token Trove I had a little surprise.

Collection Value: $289.65, which is a lot more than what my collection is actually worth, and the reason is that first card there which is priced as $152 is not worth $0.10. I got a little confused and realized that somebody made on of those mistakes.

Somebody bought a $0.05 card for $152.6, not a very good deal if you ask me.

In short, my Real Collection Value: $137.10 when I take out the excess from that crazy sold card. Most of it came from cards Forged that I sold, and some of it came from opening Divine Order Packs from the Weekend Ranked.

Apart from those, I had ~100 $GODS tokens, which in todays price would be ~$400. All of those earned from F2P, just pure effort and enjoyment.

What did I buy and Why

Most of the cards I bought on Token Trove were meant to improve my own decks, and some of them were investments. Let's take a look at it.

I have only bought cards from Magic and War decks, since those are the ones I enjoy playing a lot. And justice be done, lots of insights and ideas came from Mr. @copperpitch 's videos.

Ramp Magic:

Sole Survival War:

So let me start with the no-brainers. Guild Enforcer is just a great wall that you can play with pretty much any deck, and it just do its job. Bronze Gate, All-Seeing Spire and Miraculous Familiar I got from copperpitch in the Ramp Magic Deck, and they work wonders in getting the cards you need and holding the board while you get where you need to be. Well of Power is an addition to that Ramp Magic deck, and to be honest I didn't know how good it was gonna be when I bought it, and this cards is phenomenal, it increases your tempo a lot and the protected that gives to your god is very strong. Defend the Ramparts is just a very solid magic card, and I needed to have two of it. Aggravated Architect and Runic Familiar are two cards I bought to test some ideas, and I didn't love any of them too much, although the Runic Familiar still in my mind a lot and I think this cards can be very strong when played in a very magic heavy deck.

All the War cards are being tested by me, and I like all of them so far. To be honest I built a Sole Survival kind of deck and needed the card, but so far I've played 4 matches, 3 victories and never even used the Sole Survival. War can sometimes be very scary to play with and against and it's very fun to play this fast tempo decks.

I am entering a Tournament

There's a newbie tournament just around the corner and you check that out here:

I just entered my registration and it took me some time to find a deck that I was pleased with, but that's done. I invite you to enter as well, since this is a tournament where you have limited cards to play with and most OP decks, like super rich stuff is probably not going to be there.

Hope to see you in the server!

Thanks for Reading!

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Love to see viable F2P! Keep it up!

Very good info around trading cards and building decks. Keep the good work up and thank you for sharing the tournament info. I will try to join and play it.

I signed up but can't enter the tournament because I need 2 decks. I'm at work and there are only 8h left to enter. Bummer!
!gif bummer

Hey man, if you want I can help you with that. Just say what you want to play, like Big Beasts Nature, Late Magic, Zombies Death, I don't know and I can make a "base deck" type of thing. Then you just get home and adapt the little bit that you need to fit your cards.

I should have posted about it before, but holidays just got me late on things.

Thanks for the help but building the deck is not the problem. I have to work 6 more hours from now and can't enter the decks at work. The deadline to enter the tournament is in a few hours.

That's unfortunate bro. Just let me know if I can be of any help.

Maybe from now on I'll be playing more of these tournaments, and I'll try to post the next ones with more time for people to join.

Good luck in the tournament.

Wow! you're doing great with this game bro amazing! The art style of the cards are also epic. I love it.

This is a fun game to play, so I end up playing a lot. I have to match you with the work man, if you aren't stopping, neither am I!


AHA! that's the spirit bro! I'm not that good at playing games but knowing you really have fun in that stuff really what matters most. I'm happy for that, keep it up and more updates for the game you really love. Just have fun!

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Great post bro! I had a lot of difficulties once I started the game, and this will be helpful!

Thank you, sir. It really takes a while till you build good core cards from the Free Packs, but once you do there are so many opportunities to improve your deck.

This is truly an exceptional post. You put in a lot of effort, and I am honored for you to be the first person I curate for the cartel.


Hey Sketchy, thank you so much for the words. It means a lot, it really does, and I'm happy to see you in the Cartel bro. Cartel is gathering lots of great names around it; passionate people, smart and good people, so I can not avoid buying some more Cartel in the future, it's an honor for me to be curated by you guys.

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