Gods Unchained Hive Contest!

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Credit to @nelyp for the banner

Hello everyone, welcome to our GU contest we will be running for all of December!

Here's a quick overview of what it will entail:

- play2earn

We'll be checking player's gaming stats on gudecks (example:) for games played from today until the end of the year and it will all count towards a giveaway split up among everyone else who has registered!

- create2earn

We'll also be inviting outside content creators over to Hive with unique invite links that bypass SMS verification using our account credits. We'll then curate content posting in the Gods Unchained community thoroughly throughout the whole month.

- socialize2earn

We will also keep an eye on engaging users that comment and grow their following by following and being followed by other Gods Unchained players in the community and curate their comments as well.


We got some juicy giveaways for this contest:

  • 500 HBD (converted to Hive) sponsored by the DHF (@pettycash)
  • Genesis Cards, Trial of the Gods Cards and Divine Order cards sponsored by @acidyo
  • and a ton of upvotes respective to the effort and quality of content and engagement

more details on the giveaways soon, we will also be documenting how everything has been going and use most of the post rewards from these posts to add more rewards to the giveaway pool!

How to sign up

Signing up for the contest is easy, you just have to comment your GU username in the comments of this post and you're in.

For Hive account creations we'll be making use of other platforms to verify the user is who they say they are before they receive an OCD invite link to generate an account and sign up for the contest.

Anyone reading this outside of Hive, I'll be posting a link to this on Reddit, please feel free to DM me there under "Acidyo" or on Discord: Acidyo#9749, I'm in the GU, IMX and TST discord. The only link I'll be giving out will be a "onboard.ocd.social/XXXXX" invite, don't get scammed by fake identities and verify my contact info before clicking anything.

This link will get you a free Hive account (costs 3 Hive) so make sure to save and back up those keys that come along with it - we don't have access to them.

Our main goal is to grow the Gods Unchained community and empower more content creators and social media users with Hive's advantages that they can't get anywhere else.


We'll be providing newcomer guidance in our Discord: https://discord.gg/bnGc4BU where we've already had channels and a user rank for Gods Unchained from our past activities of onboarding players. Many still active on Hive today but with the recent release of the Forge making play2win more viable again, the recent airdrops and hype surrounding it and the blessings of the gods play2earn event we hope it drives more players and content creators to take advantage of what's waiting for them here on Hive as well.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned on more info on the card giveaways and some other bonus giveaways that may enter the pool throughout the month!

If you have a Twitter account please throw us a follow here: https://twitter.com/Gods_On_Chain

(Post rewards will be sent to @acidyo to liquidate them and add them towards the giveaway pool.)

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This is such a good initiative!
NFT and Crypto gaming is rapidly evolving, and play to earn games are becoming a thing for real.
I remember when, back in the days, there existed some allegedly "play 2 earn" (non-crypto) games where you either had to play for like a month in order to earn a few bucks (and I literally mean a few), or you had to necessarily put quite some money in before being able to cash your earnings out (hinting to the existence of a pyramidal scheme of some sort), and in both cases the withdrawal thresholds were too high for most players to even believe that grinding hours and hours of "gameplay" was worth the effort, because there were very few actual earners, and there was not much transparency overall.
On top of that, I remember those games being REALLY boring, to the extent that you had to consider them like a very underpaid job rather than a game if you really wished to earn something.

On-chain games, NFT, Cryptos...
This is actually changing the world.
Play2earn gaming is actually a thing now, and it's consolidating more and more as time passes by.
You don't need to be happy with a few bucks a month now.
There is high transparency thanks to the blockchain technology, and transactions being verifiable.
Not only this, but being good at playing is actually directly related to how much you can earn - it's not just a matter of grinding: your potential earnings depend on how skilled you are at the game, but don't be scared - there's something even for newbies - simply your earnings scale up as you improve.
But I would say that the most important thing brought about by this innovation is that NOW, play2earn games are ACTUALLY FUN TO PLAY.
Honestly, I found out about Gods Unchained because of its P2E feature, but I fell in love with it, and I constantly play more than required by the current live events.

I would really love to get involved in this contest.
My Username (Gods Unchained): AlbertoS61

Thank you for the opportunity,
Good luck everybody and, most importantly, HAVE FUN! :)

GGs to everyone and lets win some cards. I'm in Romanowski

Awesome contest, thanks for doing this

Username: keithsblock

Gu username Flux(3232)

gu username semenchik

Thanks, for the contest!
username: kts

Awesome contest, thanks
Username sirius73

Tatsue / tatsue
is the username.
thanks for all those events! fun so far


Username: Michaeltmt

GU username: howgo

This is awesome! Count me in! Let's grow the God's Unchained community!

GU Username: poppinpao

Good luck to all!
GU Username: Ultimo333


hi! can you send us your ingame name and user id? i cant find it for the contest

It seems like I probably missed my chance - I log into so many games with the name Ultimo333 that I forgot that I am named just Ultimo ...

my username is ★

thank you and good luck for all

frameworkfortune here!

GU username : Bailian

Such a good initiative, looking forward to see you mortals in the battlefield !
User name : Noshera
UserID : 1148432

see you soon !

Hi all!
GU Username: Jmaag76

This is brilliant, im in. Username: Willymcmassive

Thanks for doing this Acidyo, great initiative and good to see people being able to get Genesis and other cards to strengthen their decks!

My GU username: aragorn2000

Very good, I agree with you

I appreciate the hard work everyone is putting in for this event!

GU Username: Fallen Nephilim
UID: 286768

Love GU and excited for the contest. Thanks!

Hey guys... good work with this... my GU username is 'Shandy'

GU username: Fayt


hi! can you send us your ingame name and user id? i cant find it for the contest

Thanks for the contest!
gu username: EvilHomer7

Thanks for the contest. GU username is VengfulMessiah

Good luck everyone.
Username: Kashalot

gu username :mrgoor

hope everyone the best

Hope I'm not too late! Looks like I got in just in time!
GU Username: Magic_Pete


GU: Snagg2503

Gods unchained username: The Legennd

This platform looks ace, thanks for introducing me to it

Thank you for this event. GU is a fun game and events like this makes it even greater! :)

GU name: accreyes

Thank you ! gl to all
User name : MilanLilOwl
User ID: 834613

Registration is unfortunately over for this event.

Awesome contest, thanks
Username: ◻◻◻◻
UID: 1383596

Username: Buddhist

Would love to get involved!
Goodluck to everyone and thankyou for the opportunity!

My GU user ID is - 1452552

Sweet! I was already planning a post in the next couple days about how much fun I’m having with GU!

For registration I’m Spotty_Pro.

Hiwesome banner acidyo!
Saved username before it gets taken :)
Will recomend to friends that aren't in crypto yet but love gaming, will need to find more free time myself to play, great to see you showing support for gamers as well. Thank you for motivating!

hi! can you send us your ingame name and user id? i cant find it for the contest

Hello, it's Warrkin level 3
Where do you see id ?

can you find your user here? https://gudecks.com/meta/player-stats
send me the link when you get.


Too good of a newbie to be on the leaderboard :)
Got some time to play now, it got me hooked!

This is awesome! Great to have all the community involved to start growing all together.
With all of those new players inflow is great to have a solid group of people that believe and enjoy this game to welcome them with all open arms.

We could be the first non-toxic card-game community and I really enjoy to be part of that.

My GU user is: Elvio.Lador
ID: 567417

Thanks for this opportunity!

Hi there. GU is one of the best blockchain games out there now with a fast growing community. I rly love card games like these and i am thankful for this initiative. Keep up the grind and the good work!
My user id is: 1339835

Did I mention that im in?


Welcome back! :D

Looks like I'm right on track already 😂
And those are some real juicy rewards 🤤

Here's my GU Username: live_matrix

Great event initiative.
My gu username-akhil

Awesome! Check me in!
My GU account is TonyP2E.
And I'm regularly posting on C/Gods Unchained community

Yes, been curating actively there, keep it up. ^^

Yes, I noticed and very much appreciate that! 👍
Thank you very much! ❤️
I'll try my best to keep up getting better and better at content creation for GU specifically.
It's just not that easy cuz english isn't my native language.
I'm Korean so being good at gaming is in my veins 😄

Haha, you're doing awesome! Good luck in the contest for some of the RNG rewards! :D

I'm glad and grateful for being part of this awesome community ❤️

Count me in! I'm already doing some content on C/Gods Unchained 😀
My GU username: [Feanor] Flavius

Nice one, GU user - Mosh_crazy

Here to register for the contest! 😄 My GU username is anomo17.

Thank you!

Edit: Leaving my GU user id here, too, just in case: 14442

A bit rusty for writing but since I'm playing GU actively I guess I could get back to it for a while.

Count me in

Username: proofmaster

Amazing initiative!
My GU account: ILove2B

Btw I have a question. I already started a Let's Play series from GU on HGC. I'm at episode 5. Should I switch the category from HGC to GU? Guess just having godsunchained tag doesn't count. Am I right?

Yes it doesn't count, but you can always cross-post as well.

Alright, gonna check this feature out. Thanks!

Hello, nice campaign! looking forward to this! My in-game username is [Feanor]Ramo.

Hello, congrats for the event.

MY username is: BafGod


Oh man, great contest! My GU name is hollowknightgod. Hopefully we can bring more people to hive, that would be awesome.

seems about right
username: lethaL (2nd result on gudecks) USERID: 86014

Thanks, this'll make it easier for us to keep track! :)

Lol this is awesome !! i just started the game yesterday and made my first post.

got really surprised with the curation it got !

my nickname is : Polessins

see you all in the battlefield =D

Hello. My GU Username: SSUDJAI


hi! can you send us your ingame name? i cant find it for the contest

aku sangat menyesal Saya baru saja mulai melamar. Belum pernah berkompetisi di Gods Unchained.🙏

Heya, happy to be part of this!

Ex hardcore Hearthstone player, been exploring GU and trying to climb as a f2p for around 2 weeks now. Its been a blast so far.
My GU account is Lolipopsicles.


Awesome, I think you'll love GU and what's to come!

We're also interested in providing cards to players once leasing is available so stay tuned for that. :)

Hello friends, how are you?
I started today, I'm still learning the dynamics of the game that seemed to me very interesting.
my user: @bernardinetti

My GU username is Fandorin
I making posts and comments on Reddit)
GU is the best of all games, see you in the arena folks!

Hope to see you leave some comments in our community as well :) https://peakd.com/c/hive-173286

Thanks for the opportunity GU: Captain Barabosa
Disclaimer I've never played a game before in GU, hopefully this will be great reason for me to dive in GU.

hi! can you send us your ingame name? i cant find it for the contest

Sorry for late reply, it Captain Barabosa

Awesome! (:

Here is my GU username: Dragony

New to Gods Unnchained. Really enjoying the game and seems like it has a great community as well.
Looking forward where this project might go in the future!
GU in-game name is SLPantera

Seems I need to pitch in to....it's been late since I was part of game...but it is required for Hive then I must give a try.....

Hi steemflow, can you send us ingame name to enter in the contest?

My username on GU for registration is: JonnyRevolution

Nice @acidyo throw me a bone I'm Double Bear TM on Gds Unchained

good luck all!

GU: kaywhysee

Hello! Sounds like a great contest 😁

My GU username is keke_uk

Posted a lot on Reddit, but people there are usually not that active, but here i see that nearly every post has great feedback! Looking forward to posting something :) My GU nickname is Bosfik

Thanks for this!
MY GU name is Xeko

Nice idea
GU ign: cykle

Great idea guys ! GU username : Kokoringokote

Seems like a great contest :)
GU username: JSHC

Count me in my Gods Unchained Name is: Aruna
Im active in the GU related discords and on reddit as well sometimes :)

Count me in! :)
GU Account: Goldmund

Hello there my GU name is: Aruna
I am active in several discords and on reddit as well :)

I already have a hive account so if I make a video and post it on hive that will count for the contest? This is a great giveaway. And awesome that you are gonna try and bring people over to hive where they can earn money for blogging or posting videos.

hi! can you send us your ingame name? i cant find it for the contest

Sure thing my ingame name is Squirrelacus.

Great Event,
Happy to participate, my GU Username is: Swaggaclown

Hope to see you all in the arena!

Hey, really cool stuff, thanks for the invite!
My GU username is: jazzt

Hey guys. Love what you're doing!
My GU username is: Blessed and my userID is:182249

To register play2earn. IGN: alltruego

Cool! My first participation in GU tournament , my nickname is GoodBadUgly


hi! can you send us your ingame name? i cant find it for the contest

Hello, I changed my nickname to [Delta]G and just didn't found that post to edit :c

my user name in GU is Simon

Thank you :)

if its difficult to find me, because my username is not so unique, this is my link:


Great Giveaway you are doing here! God's work!
My GU account is Rtys8.
I am hanging around the GU discord as [Fëanor] Rtys8#7592.

hey my username is ridingromeo hope y'all have a great day

Welcome! Likewise :)

Glad to see you are still active and well.


Hey mate! Been a while :) Hope you're doing good too!

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