What To Play On A Budget & MORE!

In @themudman's critically acclaimed YouTube series, you get an inside look at how the TSTeam decides what deck to play during the Weekend Ranked Tournaments! @themudman discusses why the best decks in the meta perform as well as they do, and how to counter those decks.

This video series USUALLY focuses on the best competitive decks and how to play them in different match ups to improve your gameplay experience and bolster your Play-to-Earn winnings! However, @themudman decided to mix it up and showcase some of the best budget decks you can run on the Ranked ladder to perform well during the Weekend Ranked event!

Check it out here:

And if you're a Demigod and don't have to worry about budget constraints, check out the latest What To Play Over The Weekend episode to learn about all the best S-tier decks killing it at Mythic rank!

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Nice @teamstreamteam is back! Missed you guys' videos!


Tomorrow is TS Tuesday! I've got to find some time to slack off at work and listen in!

Need to remember to tune in!

that's what we like to hear! 😂

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Vanguard Axewoman and Wild Hog are indeed very strong cards. I have them both on my Nature deck and on the War and Light deck that I am testing currently. Also, I might as well going to replace Nefarious Briar with Iron Tooth Goblin and see if it works.

not a bad idea! the lower mana cost can really help, especially against those early Necroscepters and Lysander's Spears!