Matchup Series #5: Card Draw magic vs Olympian Light!

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Greetings and welcome to the third part of my matchup series, where I go through all different matchups that I have the necessary card to experience, and explain these matchups in details while narrating how I pilot the game as well!

The goal of this serie is to help all new or unexperienced player get to know a certain matchup for a deck in details, to get more familiar with how they should play the match and how to win this certain matchup more than usual and overall get better at the game!

For this post we have the Card draw magic vs Olympian Light , where I will be playing my card draw magic deck vs a olympia light deck ! Now olympian light is a little similar to aggro light, but a little different at the same time! So for this reason let us first talk a little about olympian light in general and how is it played:

A little about Olympian Light

Olympian Light is somewhat similar to aggro light, however, it uses different cards to buff its creatures, and different type of buffs. Aggro Light usually focuses on HP buffs early on, however, Olympian Light is somewhat a mix of both. It shines more in mid game, if left even a small gap to snowball and that is due to the fact that its main and big buffing cards are at mid game mana. For early game they use these cards for buffs:

 "Screenshot 2023-12-04 100325.png"

Well most of these cards buffs HP yes; but the difference is Olympian Light relies on healing in its deck to keep as many creatures on board as possible to get to 5 mana whether it is using god power or these creatures:

 "Screenshot 2023-12-04 101454.png"

And then, they use all these HP buffs and healing to their advantage to start making their creatures like beasts at 4 5 and 6 mana most of the times. And they do so using these creatures:

 "Screenshot 2023-12-04 100405.png"

So basically they synergize really well with HP, and you can get really annoying creatures on board with them! This is basically how olympian light is played. Now let us see how to play against it.

How to play against it with card draw

Now the though process here is very similar to most aggro matchups in general. If we did not give our opponent tempo early on, he can not snowball, thus making his buffs almost useless. However, we also have to pay attention for us getting tempo too! If not, the opponent can keep making a comeback and this can become very annoying to us! So to do that, the best cards we can get for early game are of course card draw cards, but preferably creature card draw in this case!

 "Screenshot 2023-12-04 101929.png"

This one here is one heck of a starting hand!

 "Screenshot 2023-12-04 102034.png"

This one is pretty good too if you do not own the Pyramid Warden.

Another pretty excellent combo that you will see in the gameplay that can turn this around is this:

 "Screenshot 2023-12-04 102158.png"

The only bad part about this combo is that you can not be sure that your opponent will go wide and not focus on 2 creatures and give them so much HP, and this also kills your tempo if you started the game with both cards. So the best way is to mulligan only one of them, along with card draw and trying to get the second piece of the combo at 3 or 4 mana

 "Screenshot 2023-12-04 102226.png"

So this is a pretty good option too for a starting hand.

Here is a gameplay where I use this combo with good tempo to win the game!



This matchup is very similar to aggro matchups in general, however, in each case you have to be careful of a specific thing because every aggro deck has its own style, buffs and snowball mechanics.

For example, leaving a creature with 1 HP can be fine sometimes against aggro war, but it is not recommended at all against olympian Light because they will easily heal it. And many other aspects of course! So here was the best way to play against this type of deck, I hope it was helpful in any way, I really enjoy doing this matchup series because it also teaches me a lot about different matchups!

So that was it for this one, do not forgot to drop a follow if you like my content and I hope I am helping anyone out there to get better at the game. If you have any questions or comments be sure to let me know and I will see you on the next one!

Mad Love, Peace out <3


Aegis of the Innocent is a nasty card, if left untouched it will be GG.

Yeah relic removals are important currently!