#7 Godunchained Gameplay: Network Cut My Streaming Short

in Gods On Chainlast year

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 20.43.05.png

Been a while I made any GU related post or drop some of my gameplay post because I went home for Christmas celebration and where I am currently, network can disappoint someone, I wasnt able to stream properly without having a break in transmission which always cut my streaming short and it is always annoying. Nevertheless i was able to complete my weekend event battle after losing some battle because of the network here but still did well more than my previous battles.

I really cant believe I streamed today for like 2hours plus and it only recorded 30+ mins on my live youtube streaming, it really pained me because i was able to defeat most of my opponent and I won 9 matches out of 12. I thought i will be able to share the whole game play but really sorry you wont be able to watch all but the recorded video is in the link below.

Trying to build up a new deck from another God so i can hard it to my war deck but currently short of Gods token after using my earn gods to purchased some cards which are somehow expensive.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 20.58.28.png

The goal is to invest what i earn back into the game because the stronger my deck, the more wins and it will also make the game more interesting and I know GU have lot of future plans for it players, patiently waiting for that. New Deck incoming