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Hello dear Cent Community. I shared data about Cent Token about a month ago. I mentioned that I will share again when there is a change in the data. There have been some updates in the prize pool, liquidity pools. I will pass these on to you.

The community page has reached 250 users. There are 196 active members. There is a huge increase in the number of users staking Cents and the amount of Cent staked. The volume increase in centin liquidity pools continues. In the last day, $ 770 worth of transactions were made. However, we still could not reach the desired level of liquidity and transaction volume in the Cent market.

The total coin supply has reached 11,834,220. 9,650,384 of the generated tokens were burned. 2,183,836 of them are in circulation. 64% of circulating tokens are staked. The prize pool generates 4 coins per minute. Half of the generated tokens are distributed to the authors and half to the curators. However, 10% will be deducted from author rewards if the content is not created on the front end of the Cent tribe.

  • The liquidity provider rewards in the Hive/Cent pool have been slightly increased. The pool's APR rate in the daily reward distribution is 50%. In addition, we increased the number of hourly reward distribution to 100. There is $2,830 worth (4 351 SWAP.HIVE/227 936 CENT) of liquidity in the pool.
  • We slightly increased the liquidity provider rewards in the HBD/Cent pool. The pool's current APR rate is 62%. There is $800 worth (477,349SWAP.HBD/68,426.49 CENT) of liquidity in the pool.
  • There is $550 (39,769,074 CENT/4,961,044 LEO) worth of liquidity in the Cent/Leo pool. The current APR rate of the pool is 68%.
  • There is $483 worth of liquidity in the Cent/Pob pool (40,858,096 CENT/30.525,644 POB). The current APR rate of the pool is 71%.
  • There is $507 worth (51.673,415 CENT/466,303 CENTG) liquidity in the Cent/CentG pool. The current APR rate of the pool is 211%.

If you have provided liquidity for more than 30 days in all liquidity pools, you will receive a +1% bonus reward. Also, the hourly reward distribution in the Hive/Cent pool does not penalize adding/removing liquidity. You get the reward hourly. And Hourly rewards are not included in the APR rate in the daily reward distribution. All incoming Cent rewards are in liquid form. You can earn compound earnings by re-staking the Cent tokens you get by voting, sharing. Or you can earn rewards by providing liquidity in Cent's liquidity pools. You can earn profit by trading or you can realize your profit by selling.

See you in new posts. Stay tuned.


Great information boss, a new sphere to cent token and hive block chain at large

Awesome stats about Cent token. Thank you for all of this efforts to keep the cent token healthy.

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The token has great potential. It is growing every day. Thank you for sharing the information. I'll definitely try to make more investments into this project.

Thanks for this update. This shows that we're heading towards the right direction and an encouragement to many who are doubting the abilities of Cent tokens.

Awesome, I'm active in the liquidity pools. Is there likely to be any !CENT tipping token introduced?

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you, I don't have a lot of swap.hive to participate in the hive/cent liquidity pool but will consider it should I build an sufficient balance.

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