#introduceyourself hashtag Added to Cent's Reward Pool

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Hello again. We mentioned it in the cent token announcement. Our goal was to reach as many users as possible. While the prize pool and liquidity pools were not active yet, we sent Cents to the users whose content we liked. Now is the time to take this to the next level.
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The hashtag #introduceyourself has been added to Cent's prize pool. Posts made in this hashtag started appearing on Cent's front end. We can give some Cents to every user who joins the Hive blockchain and introduces himself. Thus, new users can sell the coins they get and make some hive power ups. At the same time, they meet the Hive Engine. Stake some Cents too. Go to #introduceyourself and vote for new users' posts. Write a "welcome" review. Thus, you will increase the permanence of new users, even if it is a small possibility.

Our goal is to make Cent as popular as possible. We want to increase its usability as much as possible. We welcome ideas like this. As innovations come for Jeton, we also contribute to the Hive ecosystem. This gives us a lot of hope.

See you in new posts. Stay tuned.


cent is new tribe?

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The Cent Token project was launched in May. The tribal project was launched at the beginning of July. Yes, it is new compared to many tribes.

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That's great oppurtunity for new comer

Most users will notice a little late. But no problem. We will be able to contribute to many new users in this way.

Thus, new users can sell the coins they get and make some hive power ups.

Its great sir..

All user make hastag #introduceyourself will be vote? All of them?

Thanks. This is entirely up to the curators' judgment. I vote as much as possible.

Good way to motivate new users. It is not always easy starting as a newbie in hive. Nice initiative here. I remember my introductory post has zero comment and zero vote back then

I hope we can contribute. That was one of Cent's first goals.

what kind of content can i post? I am dedicated to doing raffles!